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Everyone said it couldn't be done. Then someone came along who didn't know that and just did it.




Mirjam Gawellek, Germany, Sustainability Expert

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Mirjam Gawellek



Mirjam Gawellek helps companies to find their strategy to achieve the four sustainable goals and make their sustainable business transformation happen.

Address: Adamstraße 28, 50996 Koeln, Germany


       e-mail:; website:   phone: +49 176 47345707




If I were to create my own social system, what would I do?


(Sustainable) Scoring Platform for Employing Institutions

Sustainability have to be understood by the general population, and sustainable business have to become global. Therefore, I would invent and develop an international employer rating platform. In this platform employing institutions (such as companies, organizations and public administration) are rated according to easy-to-understand social, environmental and economic metrics... More