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Financial Consultant: My SOUL Job

No matter how tough, we humans ought to sacrifice our older selves and adjust to the latest reality around us. As far as my parents recollect, I had to let go all my childhood fantasies from being a bus conductor to a pilot, musician, and on; till I found my love in coding. It was in grade 9 that I got dead sure of perusing my career as software engineer. Alas! After having completed my Engineering and working for a couple of years, the time came to sacrifice my longest cherished dream.

Then with much pain and more wisdom, I reached up three key realizations which enlightened me of my soul job: a Financial Consultant.

First, humbling experience. Once I started assisting my friends in their software startup, I realized my god gifted cylindrical eyesight had started getting better hold of me.

Additionally, the financial issues halting the entrepreneurial activities penetrated deep into my mind. Midst all the crisis, my critical mind lead me all the way up to Financial Consultant. Now, the same passion of going in depth, simulating the options and extracting the crux for better decision making; is reshaped to enhance the financial wellbeing.

Second, societal prosperity. Currently, it is all visible that the countries making prompt financial decisions are the quickest to revive past the COVID pandemic. What my country Nepal certainly suffers from is lack of efficient manpower. Shockingly, the skilled ones (especially the youth) are busiest jumping off the country. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The desire of gold is not for gold.” Ralph adds,” It is for the means of freedom and benefit.”

Proper financing is one gold standard I strive to provide my country with.

Day by day I aim to equip: the skilled with better financial advice, the entrepreneurs with best suited decisions and the government with collective on field choices.

Third, liberating enjoyment. Never ever had I imagined taking MBA classes and debating on latest economic policies could be this fun. Not only the daily stock trading provide clear understanding of market but also help me make some quick bucks. What a joy ride!

In the words of Andrew Carnegie, “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, inspires your hopes and liberates your energy.”

Gladly, I set my happiness just in time. Furthermore, the more I contribute from my financial consulting, the more happiness I spread all around me.

~ Umanga Bhatta



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Proper financing is one gold standard I strive to provide my country with.

Umanga Bhatta