Open Mind  

Beginner's Mind

Keep your mind wide open. Don't be a prisoner of your knowledge. The world, humans and most things are too complicated to be understood fully.

Adopt a beginner mindset. Free your mind from fixed ideas, judgment, prejudice, bias and suspicion.








Widen Your Horizons Limitlessly

Be daring and set a stretch goal. You'll unlock your true potential on your way towards it and achieve impossible!

Live and think as if nothing is impossible. If you focus on barriers to overcome you miss opportunities to explore other ways to move forward. Look wider and higher. Looking wider is creativity; looking higher is enlightenment.


Open Minded Attitude

Beginner's Mind

Positive Thinking

Change the World

Be a Loving Creator

This is to the crazy ones




The Step #1 in Addressing a Big Challenge

Describe what the challenge feels like to gain a more holistic view and a deeper insight that will help you to prepare to win wisely.







Silence Your Ego

To open your eyes, open your mind. To open your mind, silence your ego. You don't have to search for a golden key to open a door to a world of wonders you can open it by silencing your ego. Ego is a mirror remove is to discover a wonderful world and your true self behind it.


Divine Creativity, Intuition, and Comprehension

Wise Listening

Multisensory Immersion









Be Curious

Curiosity fuels exploration and leads to discoveries. When you have all answers you stagnate. Replace judgment with curiosity. Keep asking searching questions and exploring to keep discovering and growing.


Why? What If?


Entrepreneurial Serendipity





Be Creatively Dissatisfied

Have your mind prepared for learning, new insights and thinking outside the box. Be creatively dissatisfied and expect to make accidental discoveries any moment.


Breakthrough Thinker

Challenge Assumptions




Your ability to spot problems can be a catalyst of your achievements or a source of your unhappiness.

Action makes the difference!