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Денис Котельников, личный логотип, Шоу команда, Инномпийские игры, Denis Kotelnikov, Innompic SHow Team Denis Kotelnikov

Ideator    Actor    Singer    Art-Coach


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Денис Котельников поет Инномпийская песня, 1-е Инномпийские игры, Denis Kotelnikov 1st Innompic Games, song I Have a Difference To Make!


is your divine mission!







Leading actor of the Innompic Show Team

Actor for Innompic emfographic e-coaching slides

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Actor for photogramic Innompic Messages to the World





Professional actor and singer

Author of the idea of creation of special Innompic Fun Teams





To create greater global impact, Innompic Games are not only an entrepreneurial smartness competition, they are also an inspiring Creation Show.

Innompics is not a talk show, it is a creation show!

Innompics are for those who love ‒ or would love to ‒ create something truly remarkable!


Dennis Kotelnikov
Rajendra Jagdale
are discussing Innompic concepts

Денис Котельников, Rajendra Jagdale, Dennis Kotelnikov, actor, Innompic Show Team



Dennis Kotelnikov is the playwright and the director

the Cimcoin commercial.



Cimcoin technology is used in Innompic Games to:

❶  create e-Raritet photos of remarkable events

❷  issue digital certificates

❸  reward winners and contributors