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Value Created
by Innompic Games

globally and for centuries ahead




Value Mantra of Innompic Games


Learn, Create, Thrive




Innompic Games is a powerful catalyst
of both personal and economic growth



Innompic Games



Organisations & Economies

spark breakthrough creativity

awaken unique talents

inspire brilliant ideas

nurture entrepreneurial mindset

teach execution skills

empower proactive innovators

nourish creative teamwork

help enhance business designs

facilitate game-changing innovations

boost innovation-driven growth



This 5-minute video explains how
Innompic Games create and deliver
outstanding value to the World


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New World, New Priorities, New Games

The currently main global Games ‒ Olympics ‒ were invented about 3,000 years ago. They showcase physical brilliance of the participating athletes. Olympics were invented to celebrate physically strong warriors, the main players in the ancient wars. Today, the value of the Olympics for the global audience is primarily emotional.

Innompic Games deliver much greater value.

Innompics help people all over the globe to become Loving Creators and create a brighter future for others and for themselves.  >>>

Benefits of Innompic Games  >>  for Innoteams    for Spectators    to the World

Civilizational Breakthrough  >>  Mission    Global #1    Innompics vs. Olympics



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Give innovative entrepreneurs a venture capital fund, and you'll feed few of them
for a short while.

Give innovative entrepreneurs
and you'll feed all of them
for centuries ahead.



The greatest value of Innompic Games is that they bring together like-minded persons in an environment that encourages and facilitates the cross-pollination of ideas in the spirit of love.

~ Martti Vallila , Jury

Martti Vallila book Banana in Russia chapter about Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games, Virtual Venture Valley



Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION

Innompic Games help meet ‒ creatively! ‒ 7 big global challenges.  >>>  Innompics inspire and help people grow as Loving Creators and World Changers.

Innompic also help innovators conquer diverse enemies of positive change.

Global all-inclusive innovation accelerator for the modern globalized economy.

Innopmpics are about constructive competition. They help both participants and spectators stretch themselves and learn how to create new great things.

Innompics engage Internet spectators who may also participate in special contests, stretch  and showcase their creative talents >>>

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Benefits of Innompic Games  >>  for Innoteams    for Spectators    to the World

Constructive Competition  >>  Helping People Create a Brighter Future    Global #1



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Differentiated Holistic Value

Innompic Games are not narrowly focused. Innompics create holistic value and are all-inclusive.

Above Politics

Innompic Games are not just beyond politics, Innompis are above politics. Innovation is about Love, and Love is above everything. Innompic Games boost passionate creation of innovative value for beloved consumers >>>

Innompics vs. Social Networks

Traditional social networks are primarily horizontal ‒ they help people socialize. Innompic Games are primarily vertical ‒ they help people grow.  >>>

Benefits of Innompic Games  >>  for Innoteams    for Spectators    to the World

Civilizational Breakthrough  >>  Mission    Global #1    Innompics vs. Olympics



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