Civilizational Breakthrough

Value Creation


Changing the World 

Positive global impact for centuries ahead







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Empowered Kids Change the World


Vadim Kotelnikov: Give innovative entrepreneurs INNOMPIC GAMES, and you'll feed all of them for centuries ahead.

 Innompic Games

will make

huge positive global impact

for centuries ahead
as they help millions of people
awaken, grow, apply

and showcase their

entrepreneurial creativity and super-smartness



Give innovative entrepreneurs a venture capital fund,
and you'll feed few of them for a short while.

Give innovative entrepreneurs INNOMPIC GAMES,
and you'll feed all of them for centuries ahead.



“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”: Innompic Games are to help people around the world – for centuries ahead – to invent new great things and turn their inventions into reality.

Web-based entrepreneurial creativity contests will create equal opportunities for rich and poor, men and women, healthy and physically challenged.

Similar to Olympic games that inspire and stretch people for over 2,000 years, Innompic Games will become the World’s main entrepreneurial creativity contest – inspiring and empowering – for centuries ahead.

Tremendous Benefits for All Winners Great Global Benefits for Centures Ahead Learning Benefits Contests Innoball Blitz Contests Innompic Games - boosting innovations globally, benefits for all



Innompic Games Learning Benefits - how to invent and commercialize invention





Breakthrough Innovation
Innompics vs. Olympics
and Social Networks

Olympic Games focus on showcasing physical capabilities.
Innompic Games focus on showcasing intellectual capabilities
aimed at creation of innovative value for others.

Olympic Games allow millions of spectators watch athletes perform. Innompic Games help millions of spectators become “intellectual athletes” by learning from others and participating in various web-based contests.

Social networks are “horizontal” – they help millions of people communicate. Innompic Games are “vertical” – they help millions of people grow.

Innompics Differentiated Innompics vs. Olympics Assessing Inventiveness Inventive Thinking Turning Ideas to Profits Innoball Making Innompics a Great Creation Show Innompics as a Creation Show Innompic Contests Know Your Enemies Benefits for Spectators Benefits of Innompics Changing the World Learning Benefits Opportunities for Actators Actators Hackathons Winners Social Networks



 Innompic Games are to change the life
of all the participants and spectators all over the World for far better!




 Creating a Better World



Great Benefits for ALl Global Impact Benefits for Teams Benefits for Spectators Innoball: Creating a Civilizational Breakthrough About Innompics Innompic Games is the Solution Create a Brighter Future Become a Loving Creator Innompics Benefits for Participants, Spectators, Countries

Innompic Messages to the World


both a exciting global contest for Internet spectators
during every Innompic Torch Web-Relay


 a continuous exposition of the best Messages to the World




World, Friendship, Partnership


Leadership, Teamwork

Learning, Knowledge, Creativity


Funny Wisdom

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