IG 2020

Semi-Finals (01.07 − 15.09)

Finals (01.10 − 30.10)

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Person Individuals  &  Teams      1-31 October 2020






Business Design

Turn Any Entrepreneurial Opportunity Described by Semi-Finalists To a Successful Startup

Use any → Metaphoric Model of Entrepreneurial Success




Creative Marketing

Market any Metaphoric Model of Entrepreneurial Success to ① Teacher and ② End Users

Use any IG 2020 Metaphoric Model    Text




Witty Innovator

Invent a joke gift for any Finalist of IG 2020

 Text + Video, 60 second







Task 2
Create and tell a humorous story that involves any 3 characters from the 'Team Leader 2020' creative challenge (text + video, 90 s)