Business designs describe different possible configurations of a business idea,
how this idea adds value, and how it is embodied in distinctive capabilities
to create
sustainable competitive advantage.

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THE ROLE of Business Design

Business Design provides a perspective to think strategically, systemically and creatively about your business model and develop it further.

In a business ecosystem, business design has fitness and sustainability functions. These functions can be improved either through better strategic moves, or by thinking creatively of a broader range of options from which to make strategic moves.




THREE LEVELS of Business Design

1. Strategic Business Design

Vision & Mission, Strategic Intent, Brand Attributes, Strategic Design Thinking, Customer Focus, Fitness, Strategic Flexibility, Balanced Business System

2. Business Model

Value Innovation, Systemic Innovation 360, Value Chain Structure, Customer Acquisition Strategies, Customer Value Proposition, Competitive Strategies, Stand-Out Strategies, Business, Revenue Model, Growth Strategies, Sustainability

3. Resources, Systems, Operations

People, Organizations, Systems, Processes, Profitability, Lean Production , Eco-Design, Cleaner Production



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