Problem Addressed

Pandemic has put a significant stress on small businesses. Businesses need to find collectively new ways to leverage synergies to survive.


Brand name: Small Business Alliance (SBA)

Product Vision: Alliance of small businesses fostering innovation

SBA enables different businesses located in the same geographic region or the same type businesses located in different regions to share innovative ideas and best practices.

Members post their ideas online in special online galleries created for different industries. Popular rating and professional jury rank proposed ideas by using multi-parametric rating scales. Top ideas are implemented.

Creative Marketing

Value Mantra: Collective Innovation

Marketing Slogan: Innovators, unite!

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Overcome challenges & grow together!

> Mutually beneficial collaboration of non-competing businesses helps them to survive & grow

> Increased ROI (Return on Investment): ideas with the best potential are implemented

Marketing Assistance to SBA Members

Brand appeal: solid reputation of the association of professionally, socially, and ecologically responsible small businesses will ensure customer trust in the quality services and products. Joint advertisements (jads) combining ads of other small businesses from the same geographic area but representing different industries will enable savings for the members. Testimonials from happy clients, discount coupons are published in online galleries.



Mark given by Jury: 7.75