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A Portal for Collective Creativity




Problem Addressed

Funding for artistic projects becomes scarce during crises. Creatives need to find new mechanisms of financial support.


Brand name: CollectCreativity – portal for Collective Creativity – see & contribute here.

Product Vision: A Web portal enabling creatives to showcase, sell, and license their meta-physical inventions: books, music, art, films, etc.

Creatives, unite! – on the portal for Collective Creativity - coming soon on

> Post digital copies of your creations in online galleries and generate revenues by:

1. Selling your creations through online shops

2. Adding links of sponsors who save on online advertising due to lower rates

3. Ad hosting fees from ads distributed by AdSense and other systems

4. Affiliates fees – a percent from selling of affiliates’ products

5. Licensing creations - get percent of revenues from use by others in rich-media.


1. Increased revenues and diversification of revenue streams

2. Increased efficiency of using creations in different combinations in rich media

3. Mutual support from creatives working in different fields and fans using creations in rich-media

4. Help to optimize creations: special tools enable feedback on each element of a book, music, etc.

5. Resources to find partners, sponsors, affiliates, etc.

Creative Marketing

Value Mantra: Create, Share, Enjoy

Marketing Slogan: Creatives, unite!

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

i. Unique tools to leverage & reward creativity.

ii. Increased ROI (Return on Investment): different parts of creations can be used in different combinations. For example, different poems from a book can be used with different parts of music creations. Thus, parts of a book, which is a multi-user single use meta-physical invention (people buy it, read once (most of the time), and put back on a shelf) can be re-used in various combinations with music, art, etc.

Brand appeal: high quality creative projects posted on the portal will solidify the brand over time. Co-promotion by creatives working in different fields of creations combining their works will increase efficiency of the marketing efforts.



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