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Entrepreneurial Mindset using the Lion approach



In business, it is not the biggest or the strongest or the fastest that survive but those that are able to be persistent and ambitious. In the jungle, the lion isnít the biggest animal or the fastest or strongest but is feared by many in the jungle because of its mindset. It does not fear anyone and regardless of its sizes it knows what it wants and strives to get it.

Additionally, when you are a lion you operate on a different mindset, you know that if you do not work to catch the kill, you will not eat and so will your family if you have one. The lion knows that it has to take some risks, if it is going to differentiate itself from other animals in the kingdom.

Entrepreneurial Traits

Persistency; in everything an entrepreneur does, despite failing a couple of times persist. As in wildlife a documentaries where a lion or pride of lions fail to catch a prey (goal) they had targeted. However, they do not give up, they decide to regroup and come up with a different strategy. That is when you see how a good strategy comes into place and they succeed in their goal of securing the meal of the day.

Strategy; As the lion takes a step back to regroup you must remember to take a step back, re-evaluate your strategy and see how to approach a problem or issue again with a fresh mindset. The idea is to keep adapting like the lion until you are able to produce a strategy that works and helps you reach your goal.

Proactivity; Gazelle vs The Lion. The lion represents the entrepreneurial mindset while the Gazelle is a representative of the worker mentality. If you look at the gazelle, it is unmotivated and reactive. This means it only moves because the lion has made its environment dangerous, it does not think for itself. That is why most Gazelles also follow one another, they tend to represent the industry follower, who are people in certain industryís that wait for the innovators than being the innovators.

Positioning; being an entrepreneur means that you have to put yourself in a place that appears to be most strategic for you. Additionally, just like the lion an entrepreneur must wait for the moment to pounce and be proactive, along with educating yourself with business theorems that offer a place of value. The entrepreneur must ask questions that lead to whether their position in the market is strong, and using PESTEL and SWOT theorems can help push the entrepreneur to greater heights.







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