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In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.




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Staying Tuned

Introducing to you someone who takes naps after she wakes up from sleeping − that is how lazy I am. Today I will be taking this time to introduce myself to you without being lazy. So, Stay Tuned! I am Anushka, currently pursuing my MBA from South Asian Institute of Management.

Letís start with talking about my laziness; I am somebody who does not have any hobbies. I can neither sing nor dance, I am the worst at anything to do with art and Gordon Ramsay would want to sue me for trying to cook. I do love going to the supermarket for no reason to buy things that I do not need though.

Moreover, I will not have an answer if you asked me what my dream job is. I am someone who doesnít know what I want to do because I personally think I discover new things about myself every day. I might have loved reading Archie comics at one point of time, but then I have this newfound love for the K-drama and the Korean boy band - BTS. Another fun fact, I am also very impulsive.

I lived in the US for 6 years. A lot of people ask me why I returned home permanently. I missed home, went on a road trip across the US, shopped till I dropped and flew home just like that.

So now you know how impulsive and lazy I am, I still do not know what life goals are, what my dream job is and I donít even have a bucket list.

Nevertheless, I have always believed that we should stay tuned.

I would like to share something that has had a huge impact on me. Although I did not physically experience the earthquake in 2015, it was a life changing experience for me. I found my true calling and then I knew I wanted to do more for my country and other countries like it. I want to help bring about change and thus, I am very passionate about gaining experiences, which will help me in working for organizations which strive to help build and support nations like mine.

Elaborating on what I hope to do in the future, I would consider myself successful if I could use my experience abroad and at home to develop my leadership skills and communication skills which will in turn help me be there for those in need in Nepal especially in sectors like women empowerment and development.

Leaders are not born; leaders arenít made with a blink of an eye, but rather through struggle, determination, will-power, vision and a great support system.

This is all possible when you allow yourself to connect with people. And that connection is only possible for me with an affiliative style of leadership. I am a strong believer of the saying that, amidst every crisis, lays the great opportunity. That opportunity will only be possible when my affiliative style of leadership is in place, where I will able to connect myself to the ones in need.

No matter where you are, no matter how you are, whether you are lazy or impulsive, even if you do not have any goals, a dream job or if you have the power saving mode ON like mine, wait till you hear the ďknock-knockĒ of your true calling.

Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned.

~ Anushka Shrestha



Anushka Shrestha, MBA, SAIM Nepal

I discover new things about myself every day.

Anushka Shrestha