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Innompics are to give a boost to the World's economy and
to change the life of all the participants for far better!

Vault your reputation as an innovator, and

your reputation will vault you!




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Innompics: Let's create history!


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100 000 000

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All who take part and stretch themselves win!


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An Innovation Team competing for medals

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As an innovation expert, evaluate ideas generated by contestants

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As a volunteer, help experts evaluate ideas submitted by contestants and spectators

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As an active spectator, participate in idea, image, improvement, and/or other contests

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1st Innompics


Innompics: Win your amazing future!



Innompic Games vs Olypmpic Games

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Innompics: play, grow, shine!

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"What a unique concept! How do you select the participants?"

~ Clair Lanouette  


"Will you allow my grand daughter, Kamakshi to participate in Innompic Web games? Her Id is..." >>>

~ Narendra Nath