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Founder & Global Coordinator

Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Rajendra Jagdale

Chairman, Org. Committee

1st Innompic Games, India

Rajendra Jagdale, Innompic Games

Rahul More

Country Coordinator

Rahul More Innompic Games India Coordinator

Osman B Ismail 

Country Co-Coordinator

Malaysia / ASEAN

Othman Ismai, Innompic Games, Malaysia Co-Coordinator



Michael Zelin  


Michael Zelin, Innompics USA Inc, Innompic Games Judge,

Magomed Gamzatov 


Magomed Gamzatov, Innompic Games, Russia coordinator

Dean Prebble  

New Zealand

Dean Prebble, Innompic Games




1st Innompic Games  17-18 September 2017, Pune India



 Coordinated globally by: Innompics World    &    Organized by: STP Pune and ISBA

Tasks distribution and complete responsibility

Dr. Jagdale and STP core team


Media Management, Advertising and Branding of event, Networking Dinner Special Guest Invitees

Dr. Rahul More

+91 9561126611

Event Content, Flow, Sponsorship, National and International Team India

Dr. Raghunandan Rajamani


ISBA India Team

Dr. Puja

Dr. Sonali

+91 9960000966

+91 9960000988)

Visa, Logistics, Accommodation and other support from STP

Dr. Nachiket Thakur

+91 9890909299

Arrangements at Bhau Institute and coordination, Awards (3D printing), and T-shirts

Dr. Rajpal Navalkar


Assisting the organizers during the event





Messages to the World from Innompic Leaders



Innompic Message to the World: Othman Ismail, Chase your dream before it's gone

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