Mohamad Rashdan, Malaysia, Best Team Leader award winned Innompic Games 2018




Mohamad Rashdan  

  Best Team Leader 2018


I think what Ilike the most about innompic games is the way it stimulates one to think critically and with the tools it aids the participants to express their ideas in the most effective and engaging way. The experience is gained from innompic is valuable and totally splendid. Innompic to me is a platform or a hub that meets innovators around the world to participate in this intellectually engaging game that is totally one of a kind, and that's what i like the most about innompic, its uniqueness.


This is the feedback u asked for sir..
I think Innompic benefitted me in the most unexpected ways such as improving my confidence skills and boosting my spirit.
Apart from making friends and connections from all over the world innompic Games have widen my spectrum and horizon and understanding of other cultures as well. i learned to accept others and also cherish the differences that we have, and that is what innompic has provided me with such platforms.
I have learned so much be it entrepreneurship skills, leadership skills or the creative thinking skill all prove to be useful in my studies.
To conclude innompic have allowed me to actualize myself and develop my skills in the most enjoyable way.




   What I Love Most about Innompic Games

To me, Innompic Games is a thrilling way to bring about solutions to today's problems and infuse passion in youths to make changes and create a difference.


Nurul Natasya, Miss Innovation World, Innompic Games 2018, Malaysia


Miss Innovation World 2018 Nurul Natasya Malaysia Innompic Games Award Giving Ceremony


The innovative contests and prize categories further encourage the youths to perform in their endeavors. Through the creations that we make and the fun we have together in brainstorming and creation of the ideas, it's beneficiary to us and the society.





What Natasya likes about Innompic Games

Spectrum of Likes (total is 100%)





The workshops are useful and easily learned too. Through the skills we're taught, we learn to tactfully face the problems and come up with great solutions.

Malaysia 1st university Innompic Games IPMA 2018 KPMB team



As our inventions are encouraged to be turned into high growth ventures with high impact to community, we're even more driven to make a difference, brainstorm on solutions to each cause, and create the best prototype possible within the games!




There are sessions where participants may voice their concerns but add further improvements to the invention of other groups, which is beneficiary to all groups as critical thinking is applied and constructive criticism is openly shared.

Malaysia All Stars Team Innompic Games 2018


Malaysia All Stars team World's 2nd Innompic Games 2018 UniKL dance


Teamwork in the gardening sessions where we think of improvements to an invention is equally delightful as critical points are shared by one another. Intellectual teamwork and creativity is also infused in the creation of the invention and in performing the sketch during the presentation.




By the end of the competition, we did not merely leave with growing passion for change, friendships and fun memories are forged with participants of various walks of life. A truly fun and delightful experience.

Cross-cultural unity Innompic Games 2018 teams Malaysia, Russia, Uzbekistan, India, Germany