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− active spectators who participate in soecial Innompic contests


Challenge-based Education + Fun + Action is a trademark Innompic way of making accelerated learning of innopreneurial arts and skills A-Z/360 a reality

Creation Show

− innovative creation process as an educative, artful, inspiring and joyful show by Innompians

First Impressionism

a vital art of creating a great first impression.


− Innompic generation of loving creators and noble innopreneurs


− strategic entrepreneurial simulation game


− boosters of Innompics (sponsors, supporters, promoters)


innovation guru: leaders, jury members, award winners, and associates of Innompic Games; share their expertise verbally and/or through articles


− a jury member who is also an innovation guru


− participants of Innompic Games and/or developers or users of the Innompic Ecosystem; joyful loving creators who enjoy stretching their capabilities, being disruptive innopreneurs, inventing, designing and building up World-changing innovations, and co-creating and mingling with other Innompians


− means synergy of three things:

Disruptive innopreneurs, loving creators

Outstanding entrepreneurial creativity 360

Super-effective A to Z implementation of harmonious radical innovation projects

InnompiC Chant

− a slogan-like phrase repeated rhythmically and insistently by Innompic crew together with Innompics teams and active spectators.

InnompiC Ecosystem (incosystem)

− a global Innompiology-powered network of people, events, countries, organizations, and enabling systems, programs and networks that inspires disruptive innopreneurs, nourishes entrepreneurial creativity, nurtures harmonious mega-innovations, helps build breakthrough partnerships, facilitates rapid growth of innovation-driven startups and larger businesses.

InnompiC Games

World's main constructive entrepreneurial creativity and smartness contests and creation shows that turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.

InnompiC Peace Prize

awarded to outstanding contributors to true peace on Earth

InnompiC PITCH

− format of venture presentation at Innompic Games (=> model pitch)

InnompiC Ratings

− ratings of individuals, schools and countries as innopreneurial loving creators and World-changing harmonious innovators.

InnompiC Small Giants

−  simple, yet very powerful soft innovations (Innompic gesture, Innompic anthem, 10 KITT, and other) that help Innompic Games be an amazing event and contribute immensely to the Innompic joyful all-win atmosphere

InnompiC Theatre

−  a joyful non-contest part of Innompic creation show by participants of Innompic Games

InnompiC Torch Bearer

−  a symbolic bearer of the symbolic Innompic torch of the Planet of Loving Creators


− means both Innompic Games and Innompic Ecosystem


− the social science that examines and explains  how to create  harmonious mega-innovations and civilizational breakthroughs. (Initially, Innompiology was launched to study why and how the Innompic civilizational breakthrough was achieved, and how the Innompic Games and the Innompic Ecosystem work and lead the transformation of the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.)


− Innompic University


− goodwill ambassadors of Innompic Games


− a team participating in Innompic Games


− all citizens of the Innompic Planet of Loving Creators (innompians, fans, spectators, ...)

Learning 20-60-20

− Innompic-style accelerated learning by studying (20%), creating and playing (60%), and watching how others perform (20%)

Loving creator

− relentless innovator driven by passion for work and customers

Miss / Mister Innovation World

award winner as the most innovative and inspiring person at Innompic Games

Planet of Loving Creators (PoLC)

− vision of Innompic Games; the name of a proposed movie


− a small a-la musical with an innovation and business flavor

spoken Innovation

passionately and artfully narrated and presented the purpose, the essence and the journey or a story of an innovation-based venture or an innovator's intent or experience

United Innovators

− slogan and the atmosphere of Innompic Games


− value-adding volunteers

Virtual Venture Valley (VVV)

− nurtures world-changing high-growth startups and international radical innovation projects.


IG Way

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