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Innompic Games help people become Loving Creators and
boost passionate creation of innovative value for beloved consumers.



Turning People to
Loving Creators
and World Changers

Innompics inspire and help people grow
as Loving Creators and World Changers.

Innompic contests breed inventive thinking,
facilitate accelerated learning by innovators and
help innovators conquer diverse enemies of positive change.



Innompic Games are not just beyond politics,
Innompis are above politics.
Innovation is about Love, and Love is above everything.

Innompics inspire and help all people around the world to

 create a brighter future >>>

Traditional social networks are primarily horizontal ‒ they help people socialize

Innompic Games are primarily vertical ‒ they help people grow




What Participants of Innompic Games Say



Ksenia Kotelnikova, Russia, 'Brilliant Ideas' award winner, 1st Innompic Games 2017

"Special innovation-focused education would be very useful, but effective participation is still possible when you have an open mind, a deep desire to make things better and a strong belief in yourself."... More

"Innompics gave me an opportunity to lead a team composed of participants from 8 different countries which was enriching experience of leading a multi-cultural group, and enhanced my leadership skills."... More

Mister Innovation World 2017, Tenzin Rabgay, Bhutan, 1st Innompic Games
Маша Кальянова журналист 1-е Инномпйиские игры, Masha Kalianova, Russia Team. journalist, 1st Innompic Games

"The Innompic Games has become my chance to understand myself better. Every participant have shown me that if you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it. It was an amazing chance to find out that even one person can make a difference in the world!"

~ Masha Kalyanova
Member of the Russian Team & Journalist

"As the participant of 1st Innompic competition, everyone is invited for upcoming love-based competition to contribute your outbox thinking for the better solution of the world. Letís love and contribute to our Planet!"... More

~ Begna Dejene, Ethiopia
Member of the
International Team

Begna Dejene, Ethiopia, Symbiosis International Team, 1st Innompic Games 2017, India
Vinayak Sharma, Nepal, 1st Innompic Games, Pune, India, presentation, tribune, International Team

"Participating along with teams from Russia, Malaysia, India and the global jury was a good experience to know their working and presentation styles."... More

~ VInayak Sharma, Nepal
Member of the
International Team

"Innompic Games is a unique concept which enables each participant to grow and bloom in its own space of pollens. Being a person learning to blossom in this field of technicality I have stepped on to being more creative, intelligent, and zealous to be an innovative entrepreneur."... More

~ Sonam Dekiey, Bhutan
Member of the International Team

Sonam Dekiey, Bhutan, 1st Innompic Games, Innompic gesture, learning innovation entrepreneurship
 Javeed Akbari, Afghanistan, Sybmiosis university student, Pune, India

"Innompic Games is an amazing part of my life journey. 1st Innompic Games was a great achievement for all of us, a hope to grow and to light up the best."

~ Javeed Akbari, Afghanistan
Member of the
International Team

"So many good things we have learned! We learned how to organize the Games and how to assess capabilities of innovation teams. We invented innovative approaches to continuous improvement that we're going to implement while preparing for 2nd Innompic Games 2018 to be held in Malaysia."

Othman Ismail Innompic Games Innompics Malaysia Chairman Coordinator