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Benefits of Innompic Games


Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Innompic creation show is the most useful show because it turns people to loving creators and helps them grow fast.

Vadim Kotelnikov




Everyone can create wonders and achieve impossible. Yet, most people never tried to stretch themselves.

Innompic Games boost the desire to make a difference, entrepreneurial creativity and the can-do-attitude of the participants and help them grow as loving creators.

Innompic Planet of Loving CReators Dare to love, pursue your dream, make a difference 1st Innompic Games participants


Innompic Games entrepreneurial creativity contests all-win constructive competitioninnovation creation show

Every challenge-based Innompic contest is an opportunity to hone your disruptive thinking and ideation skills, creativity, inventiveness, entrepreneurial flexibility, and − most importantly − value innovation capabilities.






Accelerated Challenge-based Learning



Entrepreneurial Smartness training Innompic Games accelerated learning feedback  

All-inclusive educational entrepreneurial smartness contests help both contestants and active spectators (actators) unlock and showcase their unlimited creative and entrepreneurial talents.


Participants' Feedback

What Participants Liked



Planet of Loving Creators Innompic Games IG Way

Innompic Games is the most useful show. IG  help people become loving creators and boost passionate creation of innovative value for beloved consumers.



Innompic Games entrepreneurial creativity contests all-win constructive competitioninnovation creation show

Challenge-based constructive competition helps participants to build and showcase their entrepreneurial creativity. Both team-based and individual performances are celebrated



IG Way

Traditional social networks are primarily horizontal ‒ they help people socialize. Innompic Games are primarily vertical ‒ they help people grow.




5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games

Metal: Innompic constructive competition contests inspire accelerated learning, help to test processes, and produce actionable feedback... More





Innompics: Win your amazing future!

Innompic contests breed inventive thinking, facilitate accelerated learning by innovators and help innovators conquer diverse enemies of positive change.






Ksenia Kotelnikova, eye, Ксюша Котельникова, хитрый глаз

Thanks to IG, I experienced the power of an open mind, a deep desire to make things better and a strong belief in myself.

Ksenia Kotelnikova

Rajendra Jagdale

Innompic Games are for the people who have the vision to change the world for the better. It is a constructive competition. All participants build a better world together.


Siti Zaleha  Binti Haji Mohd Rajoli, Malaysia KPMSI

Innompic Games unlock talents of contestants in an amazing way. A student who was shy to speak won the Best Actor award at World Innompic Games.


Tenzin Rabgay, Bhutan, Mister Innovation World, 1st Innompic Games 2017, India

IG gave me an opportunity to lead a team composed of participants from 8 countries which was an enriching experience of leading a multi-cultural group, and enhanced my leadership skills.


Susmita Das, India team mentor, World 2nd Innompic Games 2018, Malaysia

Innompic Games is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs.


Mohamad Rashdan

I think Innompic benefitted me in the most unexpected ways such as improving my confidence skills and boosting my spirit.

Mohamad Rashdan

Carolin Ballweg advice

Great 4 Days Innovation Contest! I enjoyed to see that the participants were growing a lot in these 4 days and that we could make them having a huge experience for their lives.


Tawanda Sithole Zimbabwe team World Innompic Games 2020

We are indeed humbled to be part of the Innompic Games and we are enjoying unlocking our potential.

Tawanda Sithole


Laxmi Bhatta, Nepal, KUSOM team, Innompic Games

Innompic Games helped me to get out of my comfort zone. I gave multiple presentations with a pounding heart but after each presentation I felt an increase in my confidence level.




Javeed Akbari, Afghanistan

Innompic Games is an amazing part of my life journey. 1st Innompic Games was a great achievement for all of us, a hope to grow and to light up the best.



Sonam Dekiey, Bhutan

Innompic Games is a unique concept which enables each participant to grow and bloom in its own space of pollens.


Begna Dejene, Ethiopia

Innompic Games is an amazing love-based competition that inspires outside-the-box thinking to create solutions for a better World. Let's love and contribute to our planet!



Nurdyanah Sulaiman Malaysia team 1st Innompic Games India

We learned how successful innovators think, how to adopt the right mindset and anticipate challenges. Most importantly, we learned how to create opportunities from challenges.

Nurdyanah Sulaiman

Денис Котельников Инномпийские игры Dennis Kotelnikov Innompic Games

Innompic Games introduced me to new dimensions of growth even in my professional areas of interest as an actor and singer.

Dennis Kotelnikov

My-Linh Phan, Vietnam

A student sent me a really endearing note, telling me what she learned in 3 days was more than an entire academic year.



Atanas Dimitrov

Amazing people! Wonderful contests, especially INNOBALL.



Maria Kalyanova, Russia

Innompic Games has become my chance to understand myself better. Every performance by the teams was telling me, "If you really wanted to do something, you would find a way to do it."


Mohammad Fiqri, Malaysia, Mister Innovation World award winner, Innompic Games 2018, UniKL

There aren't many Innovation events where we use games and activities to promote and develop innovative thinking. Innompic Games is a prime example that does so.

Mohammad Fiqri

Shivani Jha

It was indeed a privilege to be part of First ever INNOMPIC Games. The best part was the usage of probes symbolizing invention. I just loved the concept of INNOBALL. Kudos to the organisers!


Mike Zelin

At Innompic Games, participants learn very fast. Some new teams face more established teams, still, new teams demonstrate creativity and come up with great novel solutions.


Sabina Tuladhar, SAIM College, lectures, team manager, Innompic Games

I wish to thank the founders of Innompic Games for providing our SAIMians with such creative opportunities!

Sabina Tuladhar



Sonam Wangmo, Bhutan, award winning writer

I have learned growing is beautiful. It's my type of a social system it is like a free garden that makes people feel at home.

Sonam Wangmo

Bhutan innovation entreoreneurship Innompic Games

Akhand Pratap Singh, India, KIET balloon man, drone man, great entrepreneur, startup, TBI

Innompic Games is and exuberant and awe-inspiring event. We are the Leaders of Hope at World Innompic Games.

Akhand Pratap Singh

Diana Puchkova, Russia Innompic Team

Innompic Games create amazing value for participants and the World at large. IG help people grow fast as innovative loving creators and build a global family of united innovators.


Satyajit Mittal, India, Best Innovator Award Winner, Innompic Games

I love INNOBALL entrepreneurial simulation game. It helps anticipate challenges and solve them creativity. It opens mind and eyes to new entrepreneurial opportunities.



Farah Izzati, Malaysia, Miss Innovation World 2017, 1st Innompic Games India

Outstanding innovation contests! Innompic Games challenge me to stay creative to make others understand what we are trying to deliver.


Jim Carras, USA, Jury, World Innompic Games

My challenge to all Innompic Games participants is to reach out and grasp your dreams and create your message so others can be touched by your imagination.

Jim Carras

Prisha Chitkara, beautiful Indian girl

Let's love and help all around us if we wish to see ourselves grow.