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Tremendous Benefits for All

Huge positive global impact for centuries ahead






Innompic Games help people all over the globe
become Loving Creators and  create a brighter future both for others and themselves.



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Tremendous Benefits for All Winners Great Global Benefits for Centures Ahead Learning Benefits Contests Innoball Blitz Contests Innompic Games - boosting innovations globally, benefits for all

Innompics vs. Olympics Innompics Differentiated Innompics as a Creation Show Innoball: Making Innompics a Popular Creation Show Innompic Contests Global Impact Civilizational Breakthrough Learning Benefits Assessment of Inventiveness Opportunities for Actators Winners Innompics vs. Social Netowrks Innompic Games differentiated


Innompic Games are to
change the life of all the participants and spectators
all over the World for far better!

Olympics are for athletes.
Innompics are for
World changers.

Web-based Innompics will showcase
entrepreneurial creativity of the smartest innovators,
engage millions of spectators in creativity contests,
encourage innovation globally, and
help all people around the globe become Loving Creators!



Innompics Benefits About Innompics Participate! Benefits for Spectators Innompics Sponsors Innoxperts - Innovation Experts Learning Opportunities Winners


Grow, shine, win your future!


Learn, discover, participate, shine!


Enhance your expert brand and its visibility


Help, grow, create opportunities for yourself!


Support those who change the world!


Discover great innovation teams to invest in!


Find the greatest innopreneurial talents!

Corporate Leaders

Learn new business models and creative entrepreneurial approaches!


Get inspired and learn innopreneurial skills!



Great Benefits for ALl Global Impact Benefits for Teams Benefits for Spectators Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION About Innompics Teams Constructive Competition Helping people become Loving Creators Innompics Benefits for Participants, Spectators, Countries

Song "I Have a Difference To Make!" Can-Do Attitude Dennis Kotelnikov Ksenia Kotelnikova You Can Fly Entrepreneurial Creativity About Innompics Create Your Fate 10 Advices to Aspiring Innopreneurs Innompics - Innompic Web Games - Create Your Fate - Boost your entrepreneurial creativity and can-do attitude, make a difference

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Song "I Have a Difference To Make!"




 Benefits for Teams and Individual Team Members



Helping People Grow Global Benefits for Centuries Ahead Winners Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools Innoball Guiding Principles Invent a New Product Product Vision Advantages of a Stron Brand Quick Idea Evaluation by Weighted Criteria Learning Benefits 10 KITT Innompic Resources Roles of an Entrepreneurial Vision Dream Big Dreams How To Win in Life and Business Corporate Slogan Create a Slogan Create a Product Name

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 Learning Benefits



Innompic Games Learning Benefits - how to invent and commercialize invention

Innoball Learning Benefits - how to create a breakthrough innovation

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 Benefits for Spectators: Enjoy, Engage, Shine, Win



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Innompics: Participation Opportunities for Actators - Active Spectators About Innompics Kore 10 advices to aspiring innompreneurs Dennis Kotelnikov I Have a Difference to Make! Emfographics Innompic Torch Web-Relay Best Messages to the World Smartness contests Innompics - Innompic Web Games - Partiicipation Opportunities for Actators - Active Spectators

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Participate in special contests

Win special prizes

Benefits for Spectators Creation Show Innoball Example: Innompic as a Great Creation Show Opportunities for Actators Actators Message to the World Learning Benefits Bebefits of Innompic Games Innompic Contests Innompic Games - engaging internet show




Innompic contests are also  great fun for both teams and spectators

Innoball fun business games, how create innovations

Innompic Games fun

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Innompics: Win your amazing future!

Vault your reputation as an innovator, and your reputation will vault you!



Benefits of Innompic Games


What Goodwill Ambassadors say


About Innompics


Innossadors Vitaly Geyman Shivaram Malavalli About Innompics Firoz Shroff Innompics Innossadors - Goodwill Ambassodrs messages - Elena Ermachkova, Vitaly Geyman, Shivaram Malavalli

Innossadors Vitaly Geyman Vitaly Geyman Shivaram Malavalli About Innompics Shivaram Malavalli Innompics Innossadors - Goodwill Ambassodrs messages - Elena Ermachkova, Vitaly Geyman, Shivaram Malavalli



Starting from 3rd Innompic Games, 2019,

Innompics will be Intetnet-based




Innompic Internet Games - play at home, shine globally


Let's create history together!

"Global creative energy is a good concept and it should be used to raise the level of humanity across the world."

~ Narendra Nath