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Management Consultant,
Trainer & Speaker

Carolin Ballweg

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Carolin about Innompic Games

Innompic Games are not just an amazing opportunity to create innovations. Innompic Games help also to form an entrepreneurial mindset of young people and a great team spirit!

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Carolin Ballweg advice

Innompic Games bring people together, understand cultures,  understand each other, and learn from each other.



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Management Consultant, Trainer & Speaker


Carolin Ballweg is
a Management Consultant,
Trainer and Speaker.

Her aim is to make people and companies understanding trends, being innovative, thinking different and creating the future.

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Carolin was working in projects for several German concerns and banks like Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, RWE, VW Financial Services, NORD/LB and founded several companies.

With 12 years experience on the fields she is working with SMEs and start ups in Europe and South East Asia. She is giving inspiring speeches for companies or public audience, corporate trainings and individual management consulting.




Digital Nomad

She decided to cancel her apartment in Cologne, Germany. She changed her walk-in wardrobe and whirlpool bath tub for a camper van and a bit more freedom. Part of her work she does remotely and location-independent from her virtual office in Germany, Portugal, South East Asia. She is working with modern tools, apps and techniques with her employers and project teams. She loves what she does. Her work- and life-concept is called WORLDOFFICE.

Carolin Ballweg is not just living a "New Work Life“ − she’s also consulting that topics for concerns, Carolin supports companies to create a modern and more productive working environment with New Work strategy, new technologies, culture issues, leadership and Change Management.




Carolin Ballweg indeed has experience with breaking rules and getting to her limits. Big changes in the world, society or corporate context only can occur when we break rules and cross limits. Routines need to be broken, that we get the chance to create innovations.

In her trainings and consultancy work, Carolin invites to break rules. She shows ways and techniques and to destroy, think different to create sustainable innovate future models. She says: "Innovation can only happen when you are ready to break rules! − we need courage to change“


Carolin Ballweg advice

Allow your passion to become your profession and it will one day become your profession.





Everything started with the Commodore PC in her child’s room, that her father gave her when she was 7. She got her first impressions of a digital future. In the age of 15 she was joining her first "digitalization project“. There was information on file cards that needed to be transmitted to the first IT-systems. Carolin was working for the government to digitalize data. In the age of 17 she was teaching computer courses for elders as certified media trainer.

Carolin Ballweg is fascinated by modern technology and she’s transmitting that to her surrounding. Smart Office Systems, Internet of Things, Collaboration Tools, Project Management, Knowledge Sharing Tools... There are new possibilities for all of us in technology. She’s taking fears of use and is showing new chances.




Future Philosopher

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things are no Science Fiction. The technology is already being used. It is having a huge impact on business models of companies.

"Tomorrowing your business" − means to imagine what the future will be. Carolin Ballweg has experience in several consulting projects. She invites you to feel the future and to be motivated to create the future of your company.



Culture Surfer

South America, Morocco, India, Europe, Malaysia, South East Asia. Carolin Ballweg is an adventurer and traveler. She likes to work with international teams and has a huge network.

She does not only bring her international experience to projects. She has huge empathy to understand the needs of people with different mentalities and brings people together. Carolin helps to understand cultures and understand each other.


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One of Carolin’s main values are respect and optimism. Carolin believes in positivity. For her it is important to chose positive and honest people for her surrounding. She avoids political fights and is choosing honest and human relations with business partners, clients, employers. That’s the only chance to have fun at work and it makes life much easier in difficult situations.

Carolin is using her experience of different company surroundings to create culture in project teams, leadership levels or complete companies.


Carolin Ballweg advice

When everything is uncertain

everything that is important becomes clear.





Some years ago Carolin started to invested in properties. She started her first house project in Portugal at the coast close from Lisbon. The second house is located in the nature a village in Germany close to the boarder to Belgium. She renovated the houses and is renting them now for holiday guests.

Carolin was managing her property projects and founding several start-ups. The secret is the money mindset and having the numbers under control. She is transmitting the knowledge in her work and keeps always an eye on budget and productivity.


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