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Innompic Games' contests essentially combine entrepreneurial creativity,
strategic thinking
business design
to develop a holistic
A to Z and 360
approach towards innovation


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1% invention + 99% entrepreneurial activity

Innompic Games's contests require the participants to address various entrepreneurial challenges innovatively with a heavy emphasis on imparting hand-on knowledge of the art of innovation

Vadim Kotelnikov innovation definition quotes Innovation is 1% of Invention plus 99% of Entrepreneurial Action







Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION

There are plenty of invention contests, such as hackathons, but an invention is just the first step of an innovation journey.

The biggest challenge is how to turn an invention to a high-growth venture.

Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION!

Invention contests are about mastering the letter "A" of the innovation journey. Innompic contests are about mastering the entire alphabet.


Radical Project Management  >>  Improvisation-driven    7 Challenges    7 Keys

10 Commandments of Innovation    3 Creativities of an Innovator    Team Creativity


Invention contests are quiet, exclusive and local.

Innompic Games are excitingall-inclusive and global.



Innompic Contests


From a given set of challenges, choose one and:

Innovation e-Coach  Invent a breakthrough product / service / solution

Innovation e-Coach  Develop an inspiring product vision

Innovation e-Coach  Give the product a great name

Innovation e-Coach  Create a value mantra, a marketing slogan and a headline

Innovation e-Coach  Develop guiding principles for your venture

Innovation e-Coach  Present two great stories: 1. sell your breakthrough solution; 2. describe how your venture is going to succeed

Innovation e-Coach  Turn your invention to a great business and customer success by using the simulation game INNOVATION FOOTBALL

↗  Strengthen your business model and strategies  Examples

↗  Conquer diverse enemies of your radical innovation

↗  Strengthen and assess your innovation team

Blitz  Contests  ●  Innoball  ●  Solving a Global Problem  ●  Assessment  ●  Winners

InnoTEAM  >>  Innompic Training  >>  Breakthrough Innopreneurial Team





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Systemic Innovation 360

In today's era of systemic innovation, an innovation process must be designed holistically and synergistically. 7 major areas of innovation are:

BUSINESS innovation

PRODUCT innovation

TECHNOLOGY innovation

PROCESS innovation


STRATEGY innovation

MARKETING innovation

During an Innovation Football simulation game, the product, business model, entrepreneurial and marketing strategies are reinvented most dynamically.   Example

Advanced Ideation Techniques  >>  Creative Problem Solving    Think for the Enemy

Strategic Business Success  ●  Cross-functional Innovation Teams  ●  Strategic Ideation