Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Innovation is 1% invention and 99% entrepreneurial action.

Vadim Kotelnikov



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Innompic Games are THE ONLY contests in the World that approach innopreneurship comprehensively A-Z/360.

This is all but natural. Innompics are the intellectual 'brother' of Olympics. Olympics are the World's most comprehensive sports Games. Innompics are the World's most comprehensive innovation Games.




Systemic Innovation 360
In today's era of systemic innovation, an innovation process must be designed holistically and synergistically. 7 major areas of innovation are BUSINESS innovation; PRODUCT innovation; TECHNOLOGY innovation; PROCESS innovation; ORGANIZATIONAL innovation; STRATEGY innovation; MARKETING innovation.




Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

The driving force of innovation is love.  By its nature innovation is a science-flavored art. The process of innovation, ideally, is jazz − improvisation within a guiding structure, in reality, it is a football game.

Vadim Kotelnikov




Holistic Approach to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial creativity contests of Innompic Games are designed so that to approach the art of innovation holistically A-Z/360. The objective is to grow noble innopreneurs, not just inventors or business plan writers.

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1% invention +
99% entrepreneurial activity

Innompic Games's contests require the participants to address various entrepreneurial challenges innovatively with a heavy emphasis on imparting hand-on knowledge of the art of innovation

Vadim Kotelnikov innovation definition quotes Innovation is 1% of Invention plus 99% of Entrepreneurial Action


Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Reducing innovation to technology only is like playing guitar that has one string only. Put strategy, product, business model, process, organization, and marketing strings on to be able to create amazing music!

Vadim Kotelnikov




Innompic Games is the Solution

There are plenty of invention contests, such as hackathons, but an invention is just the first step of an innovation journey. The biggest challenge is how to turn an invention to a high-growth venture.



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Invention contests are about mastering the letter "A" of the innovation journey.

Innompic contests help master the entire alphabet.




Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Innovation is never about just one idea however great it is. It's a chain reaction of ideas inspired by simulation, experimentations and market learning.

Vadim Kotelnikov




Yin and Yang of Innompic Contests

Yin (adaptive): contestants must address a proposed challenge and present their solutions in accordance with a given structure, if any. For instance, an Innompic Pitch must follow a certain structure.

Yang (creative): Extraordinary, radical, disruptive inventions and solutions are encouraged. Diversity of approaches, ideas, and the ways of making presentations is celebrated.




Innompic Games' contests essentially combine entrepreneurial creativity, strategic thinking and business design to develop a holistic A to Z and 360 approach to innovation.

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Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Creation is our divine mission! Innompic Games are the World's #1 entrepreneurial creativity contests and a creation show.

  Vadim Kotelnikov




IG at a Glance

Innompic Games
turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.

Naturally, this civilizational breakthrough and mega-innovation must be approached holistically and harmoniously.

This video shows
how we do it!




Othman Ismal

We learned so many good things! Now we know how to invent great things and assess capabilities of innovation teams.


Susmita Das, India team mentor, World 2nd Innompic Games 2018, Malaysia

Innompic Games is a great platform for budding entrepreneurs.


Mohamed Yousef

We all gained huge experience during the Innompic Games. In particular, I learned how to turn challenges to entrepreneurial opportunities.

Mohamed Yousef


Diana Puchkova, Russia Innompic Team

Innompic Games create amazing value for participants and the World at large. IG help people grow fast as innovative loving creators and build a global family of united innovators.


Atanas Dimitrov

I loved most artful and joyful presentations by the contestants and the INNOBALL simulation game. I learned that capabilities of loving creators are UNLIMITED!



Nurdyanah Sulaiman Malaysia team 1st Innompic Games India

Thank you Dr. Vadim and all the Innovation Gurus for inspiring all of us to be more innovative holistically.

Nurdyanah Sulaiman

Satyajit Mittal, India, Best Innovator Award Winner, Innompic Games

Innompic Games helped me learn advanced entrepreneurial skills. Now, I am ready to quit my job and start my  social entrepreneurship journey.



Suprima Poudel, Nepal

The best concept is INNOBALL. We realized that events like INNOBALL could enhance academic learning as well if used in classrooms.


Mohd. Nasrul Hakim Jalaludin

Innompics provide a foundation for venture-wide innovations by united innovators both local and international.


INNOMPIC GAMES that demand team compatibility and innovative idea generation gave me an opportunity to identify my capabilities in a challenging setting.

Faiza Hossain Eva

Saudi Arabia

Vinayak Sharma, Nepal, 1st Innompics Games 2017, International Team, Symbiosis

Innompic Games is an immense opportunity to experience and learn many aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.


My-Linh Phan, Vietnam

A student sent me a really endearing note, telling me what she learned in 3 days was more than an entire academic year.



Begna Dejene, Ethiopia

Innompic Games is an amazing love-based competition that inspires outside-the-box thinking to create solutions for a better World. Let's love and contribute to our planet!



Sonam Dekiey, Bhutan

Being a person learning to blossom in this field of technicality, thanks to IG I have stepped on to being more creative, intelligent, and zealous to be an innovative entrepreneur.


Mohamad Rashdan

I have learned so much be it entrepreneurship skills, leadership skills or the creative thinking skill all prove to be useful in my studies.

Mohamad Rashdan





Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Give disruptive innopreneurs a venture capital fund, and you'll feed few of them for a short while. Give disruptive innopreneurs INNOMPIC GAMES, and you'll feed all of them for centuries ahead.

Vadim Kotelnikov