Dennis Kotelnikov
Russia Innompirsity team tells a story about his preparations for participation in virtual World Innompic Games 2020






Once upon a time my father told me:

My son, when you grow up you'll have a chance to participate in World Innompic Games online. God only knows what 'Innompic Games online' means, but you must get prepared, and you must start your preparations right now!

I started... Because I wanted to do something very special in my life. Besides, nothing restricted my creativity because I had no idea what 'Innompic Games' and 'online' meant.

I decided to break the word 'Innompic' to 4 parts 'in', 'no', 'mp', and 'ic', and the word 'online' to 'on' and 'line', and started playing Games with them.

I imagined myself being an 'MP' who couldn't draw a straight 'line'... whose wife didn't let him 'in' because he lost his 'ic'... who couldn't say 'no' when light was 'on'...

After a long long while I finally felt that I was ready for any surprises 'online Innompic Games' could come up with.

But I never imagined that I'd be challenged to tell my life-long story of preparation for 'Innompic Games online' in 90 seconds!

Did I manage?