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In a challenging pandemic global situation, IG 2020 will be conducted differently. We will do everything online. Instead of 3 days, IG 2020 will run for 4 months. Entrepreneurial creativity contests will be conducted partially at our retro-site fun4biz.



Creative Challenge #1

Invent a Metaphoric Model for
Entrepreneurial Success A-to-Z / 360

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Created for fun 'under the gun'


Pandemic forced the organisers to conduct IG 2020 online prematurely. Yet, it was fun to invent new ways of organising Innompic entrepreneurial creativity contests in an extremely challenging situation. IG 2020 online were created for fun 'under the gun'.



We'll do IG 2020 online due to pandemic-caused travel restriction.

It's going to be not a 3-days event but a 4-months marathon.

Participate in contests you like and have time for!

Both teams and individuals may participate.

We reanimate the parked fun4biz platform for entrepreneurial creativity contests that has been beta-tested successfully some years ago.