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Showing how to create innovations and change the World


Loving Creators

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The most useful show that helps people become Loving Creators.
Creation is your divine mission!


To create greater global impact, Innompic Games are
not only an entrepreneurial smartness competition,
they are also an inspiring Creation Show.

Innompics is not a talk show, it is a creation show!

Innompics are for those who love ‒ or would love to ‒
create something truly remarkable!

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Olympic games are not just a global sports festival,
it is a great and profitable show as well.

Innompic games have a potential to become even greater
‒ and more profitable ‒ 
show because Innompics:


celebrate the driving forces of the modern World and stretch them

allow spectators not just watch others shine, but also participate in various entrepreneurial creativity contests and shine globally

provide advanced learning opportunities for those who want to create something new, especially radically new

are more fun to watch and participate



WOWs and Marks given by Valuenteers

WOWs and marks given by valuenteers  affect the formal results indirectly, not directly,

They are not added to the formal score but they make Innompic Games a greater show.