Key Business Features

One of a Kind    Great to visit    Strong foundation




5 Business Lessons the Pisa Tower teaches entrepreneurs instantly

Pisa Tower metaphoric startup business model by Innompic University Russia team

① Be both unique and beautiful to attract lots of visitors

② Look clearly unusual to inspire people to take photos with you and share these photos with others

③ Be enigmatic

④ Surround yourself with other attractions to increase amazement

⑤ Create a relaxing environment around you so that visitors could spend more time in your ecosystem




Be Unique, Be Attractive

Having repeat customers is a great achievement, yet you can be hugely successful by focusing on one-time customers if you have a unique feature millions of people are keen to experience and share that experience with others.

To become famous, you may say nothing, but look differently in a pleasant and remarkable must-see way. This could be something first-in-the-World, an unusual design, an charming harmony of incompatible elements, or an astonishing synergy of opposites.


Real-Life Example:


"It is one of greatest publicity coups in history." ~ 'Time' magazine

In the dot-com bubble era, it was next to impossible for another e-commerce startup to get noticed by the public. Yet, the venturepreneurs from managed to grow their startup firm from zero to 8 million registered users quickly. They looked for an interesting way to launch their retail site an amazing idea, something that would make people and the media talk about their site. Finally, team came up with a really interesting out-of-the-box idea: to find a small place that has the word "half" in it, and convince them to temporarily change their name to and thus to become the first dot-com town on Earth.  The Council of Halfway town liked and approved the idea. town and retail site were launched simultaneously. Millions of TV and Internet viewers watched the proclamation of the World's first Dot Com city. retail site became famous worldwide instantly. eBay acquired it for US$ 300 million shortly afterwards.




Strong Stress-resistant Foundation

The Pisa tower is leaning but not falling because is has a strong foundation.

For an entrepreneurial firm, the key components of a strong foundation are an inspiring vision, a noble mission, shared values, guiding principles, an effective business design, a synergistic team, and healthy cash flow.




What Else the Pisa Tower Tells Us

You can always lean and look at a situation, a problem, or an opportunity from a different angle.






Build your business to last and grow increasingly attractive over the years

Make one feature of your offering so extraordinary that it would make your business famous and the customer value you create must-to-experience

Like a jeweler setting a diamond in a wonderful ring, synergise your most attractive offering with other high-value customer experiences