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Weighted Guiding Principles of Innompic Games






Vadim Koyrlnikov, Founder of Innompic Games, Innompic Global Ecosystem



Innompic Games are peak events of the Global Innovation Innovation Accelerator and Global Innompic Ecosystem


Guiding Principles


Does it help people grow as Loving Creators / Value Innovators / Disruptive Innopreneurs?


Does it create synergy with other elements of the Innompic global ecosystem and make Innompic Games stronger as a global innovation accelerator?


Does it strengthen Innompic Games as an inspirational, educational, all-inclusive and engaging creation show?


Does it help people create radical innovations and harmonious?


 Does it make Innompic Games a globally admired, highly valuable and rapidly growing 24/7/365 resource?





Some key components of Innompic Games and the Global Innompic ecosystem have their own guiding principles.

For instance, special Weighted Guiding Principles were developed in order to turn Innompic Games to a most useful Creation Show.

These Weighted Guiding Principles were used, for instance, during

Innovation Football simulation games

that were played to turn Innompic Games to a GREAT Creation Show.


Quick Idea Evaluation, Fast Decision Making, Weighted Criteria, Good Strategic Decision, Innompic Games



Guiding principles help a venture stay on course, keep going, and make better and faster decisions.

Weighted Guiding Principles enable a venture leader to make an effective strategic decision within a minute or so.