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Sonam Wangmo

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A Free Garden

If I were to create my own social system, all I would do to create one would be to be a genuine human. Basically, all it would take is to live humanly and act humanly from the side of humans.

The environment today is very pessimistic, judgemental and almost full of hypocrites. People literally have to be good enough for the society, not for self but, for the society to gain acceptance. Still, that good doesn’t fill the evil eyes of the worldly audience. They find things to talk about, blame about and laugh at.

Hence, my type of a social system would be like a garden. A type where flowers of different types, herbs and even trees are grown. A place and a social system which accepts all types of people. A world which makes people feel at home anywhere they live. Without discrimination of races, of ethnicity, of inferiority, and of “this is not a standard”. A place which provides equality and understands differences. A place that lets a sunflower grow in the sunflower stem instead of forcing a rose to bloom. A system where late growing and blooming are understood and encouraged rather than compared to evilly. A type where humanity hugs all the actions and miserable souls.

All it would take is a humanity to arouse in those rusted heart, and to cleanse those rusted heart to become human again. I would become a human first, because, if I am one, then there could be two.

~ Sonam Wangmo




Sonam Wangmo, Bhutan, award winning writer

If you want to write a really great story, give yourself time to discover the real drive from inside.

Sonam Wangmo

Bhutan innovation entreoreneurship Innompic Games



Sonam Wangmo is an aspiring writer. Capturing a moment through description, storing it to cherish it with the same feelings in the far future, and to reminisce is the gift that her dream job provides.




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You can be just you, live in your pace and still live, because you are living your life and time shall click for you as well.




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