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Vivek Atre, Innompic Judge, India, 1st Innompic Games

Humanity is the true religion.



Jenny Zhou, USA Chinese

Thanks to Innompic Games, the global creative energy unites, and its synergy makes the world a better place.


Rajendra Jagdale

I live by Humanity, Peace, Love. I feel happy and I do my best to make others feel happy.


Sonam Wangmo, Bhutan, award winning writer

My dream social system is of a type where humanity hugs all the actions and miserable souls.

Sonam Wangmo

Bhutan innovation entreoreneurship Innompic Games

Anushka Shrestha, MBA, SAIM Nepal

I want to help those in need especially in sectors like women empowerment and development.

Anushka Shrestha

Dildora Murtazaeva, Russia, Goodwill Ambassador of Innompic Games (Innossador)

Innompic Games make the World better and brighter.

Dildora Murtazaeva

Russia best innovators

Ginga Emile Ande, Cameroon

We are to add value to humanity and bring contribution to civilization.

Ginga Emile Ande


Preeti Chikara, India, KIET

I'm proud to be associated with World Innompic Games and contributing in its aim to prepare loving creators and spread love and peace among humans across the world.


Tenzin Rabgay, Bhutan, Mister Innovation World, 1st Innompic Games 2017, India

Innompic Games is indeed the human centric Olympics that nurture altruistic leaders and innovators.


Carolin Ballweg advice

Innompic Games bring people together, understand cultures,  understand each other, and learn from each other.


Кирилл Иванов Украина Kyrill Ivanove Ukraine

A worthy person serves humanity.

Kyrill Ivanov


Mandy Murebwa Zimbabwe team World Innompic Games 2020

With Innompic Games, innovators converge, play and win while united in peace, love and harmony!

Mandy Murebwa





Innompic Social System

The 8 essentials of the Innompinc Social System are the noble Purpose, unique Benefits, Shared Values, Brand Attributes, Leveraged Diversity, value-added Social Network, All-Win Games, and natural Harmony.



Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Laughter is everywhere at joyful Innompic Games. Innompians laugh a lot both during contests and beyond them. Laughter unites Innompians and nurtures the roots of lasting relationships.

  Vadim Kotelnikov




Innompics help people globally become loving creators, celebrate cross-cultural unity, unlock the potential of all participants joyfully and encourage them towards innovation!

There are no losers in Innompic Games Ė everyone wins because it is primarily an accelerated learning platform.






Innompic Games ilogo icon Goodwill Ambassadors (Innossadors)



Arsen Sargsyan, Armenia

Innompic Games is a very exciting and boosting project. Everybody will benefit win-win in this virtual game and will be able to think better and deeper.

Arsen Sargsyan


Tenzin Rabgay, Bhutan, Mister Innovation World, 1st Innompic Games 2017, India

IG gave me an insightful experience of engaging on creative problem solving, working with a team composed of members from diverse cultures, and engaging in constructive competition.


Bhutan innovation entreoreneurship Innompic Games

Firoz Schroff social entrepreneur

Innompic Games is a great tool that combines the physical and intellectual energy to allow the coming generation to create entrepreneurial value with social attributes.


Canada flag icon

Costas Konis, Cyprus

Developing and exploiting the intellectual capital of our planet for the benefit of people, businesses and society should be major world priority. Innompics can play a key role in this direction.


Cyprus Innompic Games

Dr. Satendra Kumar, India, KIET, Innompic Games national Coordinator

Innovators are true human beings who not only empower economy of any country but also create harmony and peace.

Satendra Kumar

Emmanuel Ndonga, Kenya

The Innompic Games is an incredible educational platform to equip the youth with the relevant tools to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Emmanuel Ndonga

Kenya flag Innompic Games

Mohd. Nasrul Hakim Jalaludin

Innompics deserves a Nobel Peace Prize as there are a lot of love and inspirational people in this global community.


Siti Zaleha  Binti Haji Mohd Rajoli, Malaysia KPMSI

Innompic Games make the World better. I'm proud and happy to volunteer my best efforts to help Innompics to pursue their noble mission.


Dean Prebble, New Zealand, Innossador, Jury, World Innompic Games

Innompics is an exciting new movement that can only grow. It recognises the power of diversity and embraces innovation. Innompics crosses countries and the sub-cultures within countries.


New Zealand flag Innompic Games

Elena Chiurina, Russia, Innompic Games Jury

Cultural beauty of participants from various countries is showcased at Innompic Games better than anywhere else.


Mike Zelin

Friendly constructive competitions like Innompic Games motivate people to unlock internal potential. The best is to compete with yourself ‒ show the progress in self improvement.


Peter Chikumba, Zimbabwe

The prerequisite to peace is love, and Innompics has poised itself for that grand challenge: A Planet of Loving Creators, this is the ultimate game changer for the much needed world peace.

Peter Chikumba




Rajendra Jagdale

Innompic Games is a constructive competition.
All participants build a better world together.


Ginga Emile Ande, Cameroon

Together, we contribute the best we can and sow a seed of making a better world for generations to come.

Ginga Emile Ande


Dieu-My Le

YES! I love Innompic Games! It is such a welcoming event full of excitement. Iíve made some really good friends along the way.



Javeed Akbari, Afghanistan

At Innompic Games a met with people who had different innovative ideas that expanded and enriched my thinking. I enjoyed working with my international team.



Mario Vladović Criatia Innompic Games 2018 Jury

The dream came through! Finally 'good guys' are connecting, making all great things possible and in favor of human race!


Ksenia Kotelnikova, eye, Ксюша Котельникова, хитрый глаз

It was thrilling, touching and moving to address global issues innovatively in a friendly and joyful Innompic environment!

Ksenia Kotelnikova

Vivek Atre, Innompic Judge, India, 1st Innompic Games

Absolutely Fantastic! Innompic Planet of Loving Creators instills the vision of Whole Universe being my home!



Sonam Wangmo, Bhutan, award winning writer

My type of a social system would be like a free garden that makes people feel at home anywhere they live. A world which makes people feel at home anywhere they live.

Sonam Wangmo

Bhutan innovation entreoreneurship Innompic Games

Thomas Hong, Startup Mentor, Silicon Valley, USA

Letís join and work together to continually improve our world for the children who will take our place when we are gone.

Thomas Hong



Vinayak Sharma, Nepal, 1st Innompics Games 2017, International Team, Symbiosis

Informal gatherings are an excellent way to interact and socialize with judges, fellow participants and learn something beyond just the business.


Nurdyanah Sulaiman Malaysia team 1st Innompic Games India

We saw other teams' perspective on innovation and we learned a lot from each other in the amazing Innompic all-win constructive competition environment.

Nurdyanah Sulaiman

Martti Vallila Innompic Games 2018 Jury

What I like the most about Innompic Games is


Anton Antonyan Антон Антонян Аршалуйсович

Do not be afraid to unite, because this is the only way we can really change the world.

Anton Antonyan

Suprima Poudel, Nepal

I love the networking value of Innompic Games. Socializing with delegates from different nations around the world is very inspiring.


Денис Котельников Инномпийские игры Dennis Kotelnikov Innompic Games

I love the creative and artful, and joyful atmosphere of mutual learning, friendship, and cross-cultural unity of the Innompic Planet of Loving Creators.

Dennis Kotelnikov




IG 2018

Birthday Party

The creative and joyful birthday party ignited the Innompic atmosphere of cross-cultural unity, fun, and all-win attitude.



Innompic Theatre

Innompic Theatre is a non-contest part of Innompic creation show. It brings fun, creates joy and celebrates cross-cultural unity.

>>  sMusical-Inn 'Startup Romeo & Juliet' >> Premiere



Innompic global Virtual Venture Valley (VVV)

Innompic Virtual Venture Valley (VVV) provides the platform for sustaining established relations among united innovators and for aiding implementation of innovation ideas beyond the Innompic Games entrepreneurial creativity contests.