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Comprehensive Assessment System



Assessing smartness of teams, actators, judges and volunteers


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  • Invent a new product

  • Product name

  • Slogan and headlines

  • Inventive responses to challenges

Entrepreneurial Strategist

  • Product Vision

  • Slogan

  • Guiding Principles

  • Anticipation

  • Discovering Opportunities

  • Asking and answering clarifying questions during Innoball games

Intellectual Teamwork

  • Team Creativity (team video, inventions, innovative strategies, stretching challenges, creative solutions)

  • Synergizing Ideas

  • Evaluation and Selection of Ideas

  • Activeness

Creative Problem Solving

  • Inventing a new product that solves a given problem

  • Creative problem solving during Innoball games

  • Creative solution to a pressing global problem

  • Discovering opportunities in problems


Creative Marketing

WOWs and Marks given by Valuenteers

WOWs and marks given by valuenteers are not added to the formal score but they:

  • Make Innompic Games a greater show

  • May influence judges' decisions when they select a nominee for a big WOW after a contest or the Games.

  • Help assess and shortlist contributions by actators.

  • Help evaluate the assessment skills of the valuenteers themselves and those of the judges. Valuenteers with the best assessment skills may be invited to serve a judges at the next Innompic Games.




During the Innompic Torch Relay, Judges and Valuenteers assess each message to the World simultaneously.

The author of the best message is rewarded.

Assessment skills of each valuenteer are pre-evaluated before the Games begin


Valuenteers (volunteers of Innompics) pre-assess ideas submitted by actators (active internet spectators)

Each actator's idea is evaluated independently by 3 valuenteers.

An actator's idea that was given an above-the-threshold mark by at least two valuenteers is passed further for final evaluation by the judges.

Idea evaluation skills of a Valuenteer are assessed by comparing the marks


Internet-based Games

End-user opinion is not counted in evaluation of contestsnts' ideas  >>  Internet-spectators will be provided with an opportunity to give marks to contestants' ideas. For an average spectators' mark to be counted, at least 1,000 spectators should evaluate an idea. In case the spectators' and the judges' mark of an idea differ too sharply, a third-party evaluation will be made that will have an impact on evaluation of both the idea and the judges. Special prizes will be given to the public-opinion winners.




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