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Guidelines for Judges

How to evaluate ideas and assess innovation teams, team members and team leaders






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Give a WOW



Using the right tool in the right way 1

1 to 10 points depending on effectiveness

Absolutely unrealistic idea 0

Quick Ideas Evaluation Techniques

80/20 Principles / Weighted Criteria

Quick Idea Evaluation, Fast Decision Making, Weighted Criteria, Good Strategic Decision, Innompic Games



WOW awards

Emotional Value

WOWs are an important part of Innompic Games and  Innompic contests as a great,  dynamic and emotionally rich  Creation Show.

WOW vs. Total Score

The total score of marks defines the overall performance. The WOW score celebrates occasional brilliance.

Who can give a WOW

WOWs are given to ideas, players and teams by judges and valuenteers during the 1st Innompic Games. Starting from the 2nd Innompics, spectators will also be able to give WOWs.

WOWing Ideas,  Players, and Teams

Ideas, players and teams can be given a WOW.

An idea can be given a WOW during of after a contest.

A player can be given a small WOW after a contest or a big and final WOW after all the contests have been completed

A team can given a WOW after all the contests have been completed.

Giving a WOW

Each judge has a fixed number of WOWs.

A judge can give a WOW as follows.

  1. Idea: A judge can give a WOW to any idea regardless whether it was nominated as the main idea by the team leader or not. The total weight of WOWs received by an idea defines its final WOW performance. 50% to 80% of the WOWs during the course of the game and the rest of WOWs after the game is completed, before the announcement of the game results.

  2. Player: Up to two small WOWs to a player after a contest or up to two big WOWs for the over performance.

  3. Team: Up to three big WOWs for the over performance after all the contests have been completed.

Guidelines for Judges


  • You have a fixed number of WOW awards for each contest.

  • You can give 50% to 80% of your WOW awards during the contest and the rest after the contest is over, before the announcement of the contest results. It's better to have the ratio of during/after WOWs close to 50/50 in order to achieve wiser evaluations and higher emotional impact just before and after the announcement of the contest results.

  • Don't give too many WOWs too early not to get out of stock during the game. You can WOW more ideas after the contest is over.

  • Keep a record of candidate ideas to make after-the-game nominations quickly.


  • You have a fixed number of WOWs to give a player at the end of a contests and the Games.

  • You can give up to 2 WOWs to a player you consider to be especially smart.


  • You have a fixed number of WOWs to give teams at the end of the Games.

  • You can give up to 3 WOWs to one team.

WOWs given by valuenteers affect the team results indirectly, not directly. They help to  ❶ Draw additional attention to the ideas / individuals / teams highly ranked by valuenteers, and ❷ Assess the assessment capabilities of the valuenteers themselves and the judges.  Valuenteers with the best assessment capabilities may be invited to serve a judges at the next Innompic Games.




Innompics - Glossary

Innoball (Innovation Football, Innovation Brainball)

Kore - Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools, Kore 10 Tips


Cimcoin - CimJoy CimWave



Innompic Games: Helping disruptive innopreneurs awake, grow and shine globally!

e-Coach: We don't teach, we inspire!

Guiding Principles

Innompic Games





Innompic Games: Preparations

Rope >> Running on a leash >> Founders are too attached to their own perceptions and  preferences, so Innompic Games fail to connect with diverse global audience >>  >> Balloon >> Take a cosmonaut view >> Global network of Goodwill Ambassadors (Innossadors - examples of Names)

Innompic Games: Innoball Contest


Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools: TROPHY

Temptation to conquer the opponent

It's too easy for an innovation team to make an imaginary project hugely successful  as well as for their enemy to kill the project my making unrealistic moves.




Communicating the objectives

The organizers will explain the teams that  the objective of both innovators and their enemies is not to kill each other, but to demonstrate  their entrepreneurial creativity skills. The opposing teams should adopt the Win-Win Mindset ‒ they should stretch, not kill each other. The better they do so, the higher marks they get.


The ideation process is too chaotic and difficult to evaluate because the venture is not real.  >>  A product vision, a slogan and guiding principles will make an imaginary venture look more like a real one. Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools will further streamline the ideation process.

Team leaders have too little time for evaluation of all the ideas submitted by the team members.  >>  Teams will assign a weight to each guiding principle to enable quick ‒ within a matter of seconds ‒ evaluation of an idea.

Judges have no criteria for evaluation of anticipation skills >> The teams will be asked to provide a structured description of their move ‒ (1) Kore 10  Tool used (2) Symbolic action (3) Precise action  ‒ to make evaluation easier and better.

Evaluation of the idea selection skills of the team leader is too intuitive  >> Weighted criteris

Anticipation of attacks and Idea evaluation by judges

... >> ... >>  Evaluation of ideas by Judges / Volunteers / Internet spectators may be influenced by personality of players and nationality of a team  >>  Flash Light >> Turned Off >> Players and teams will be hidden behind  symbolic names (Team A, Player A1, Player A2, etc.). Real names will be revealed after all the evaluations are completed.

Flashing Light >> Battery is down >>  A team fails to invent a new product or service, so it cannot participate in further contests  >>  Fishing Rod >> Get one >> A set of inventions to chose from

Balloon - Too low air pressure >> Teams invent products that don't engage global audience  >> Balloon??? >>  >> Last contest: For a given global problem, find creative solutions and opportunities

Summary of the Improvements Made thanks to the Innoball Game