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Assessment of Inventiveness

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Guidelines for Judges



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Value for Assessment

WOW cards awarded by judges to teams and individuals during Innompic Games are used to identify the winners of the 'Brilliant Ideas' award

Emotional Value

WOW award cards help make Innompic contests a great, dynamic and emotionally rich Creation Show and fun >>>



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Innompic Games: Assessment of Individual Innovation Capabilities and Entrepreneurial Smartness, sample

Creation Show - Innompic Games, innoball, give a WOW

WOW vs. Total Score

The total score of marks defines the overall performance. The WOW score celebrates occasional brilliance.

Who can give a WOW

WOWs are given to ideas, players and teams by judges and valuenteers during the 1st Innompic Games. Starting from the 2nd Innompics, spectators will also be able to give WOWs.


  You can also Give a WOW to Innompic Games!



WOWing Ideas,  Players, and Teams

Ideas, players and teams can be given a WOW.

An idea can be given a WOW during of after a contest.

A player can be given a small WOW after a contest or a big and final WOW after all the contests have been completed

A team can given a WOW after all the contests have been completed.

Guidelines for Judges

Each judge has a fixed number of WOWs.

A judge can give a WOW as follows...   >>>



WOWs given by Valuenteers

WOWs given by valuenteers are not added to the formal score but they:

  • Make Innompic Games a greater show

  • May influence judges' decisions when they select a nominee for a big WOW after a contest or the Games.

WOWs given by valuenteers affect the results indirectly of a contest, not directly. They help to  ❶ Draw additional attention to the ideas / individuals / teams highly ranked by valuenteers, and ❷ Assess the assessment capabilities of the valuenteers themselves and the judges.  Valuenteers with the best assessment capabilities may be invited to serve a judges at the next Innompic Games.




 1st Innompic Games

Judges used WOW cards to define the Winners of the Innompic Awards