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Innovation team makes strategic moves, guesses opponents' counterattacks and invents creative solutions to the problems created by them. Experts give marks to the moves and guesses of the both teams.

Team members generate strategic ideas and solutions, individually or jointly. They also try to anticipate  attacks of enemies. All ideas are submitted to the team leader who is to rate them and select the best one.

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Ideation Process    SPIN ‒ spiral integration of ideas    Smart & Fast Decision

The Method of Weighted Criteria, inter alia, is used by the team leader to evaluate ideas generated by the team members.
The judges may also use this method to assess the idea evaluation and selection skills of the team leader

Both innovators and their enemies are armed with
Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT).
10 KITT helps the both sides invent strategic moves, anticipate each other's moves and come out with creative solutions.

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To know your enemy, become your enemy    Guidelines for Judges

The marks given by the judges during the game define the total rating of each player. The rating of the team leader is calculated based on his/her idea evaluation abilities. The resulting business strategy is evaluated separately after the game in over.

Every team player gets a set of individual ratings that include
an overall rating and
subratings for creative problem solving, anticipating opponents' moves, creative marketing and activeness.

Innompics, Innovation Football,Innoball, Innovation Team Assesstement, Innompic Games

Innompics, Innovation Football,Innoball, Entrepreneurial Creativity Assesstement, Innompic Games

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