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Investing Gold Coins

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Managing Team Creativity with Gold Coin Cards

This quick idea evaluation exercise is to be used when an innovation team generated a number of ideas and wants to focus on the most promising one.

It works very well during a two-phase 'Garden' and 'Kitchen' ideation process of the Innovation Brainball (Innoball) game when an innovation team is given a challenge and just few minutes to come out with a great creative solution.




Team Members

Each team member is given 1 to 5 gold coins to invest in one or more ideas generated by other team members.

If a team has part-time and/or associate members, it may choose to give them a smaller amount of gold coins to make investment decisions by full-time members more impactful.

As soon as all team members have shared their creative solutions to a challenge, every team member can invest all coins in one idea or split the coins across two or more ideas.

The coins allocated are then totaled. The idea with the most coins attached is taken forward as the base idea.  Ideas generated by other team members are built around it >>>

An Innompic Team may also use gold coin cards to select a team nominee for an Innompic Award when required. For instance, at the end of the 1st Innompic Games, the participating teams were required to nominate one person for each of the "Best Innovator" and "Brilliant Ideas" awards.

Team Leader

A team leader has one extra coin. In case two or more ideas collect the same amount of coins, the team leader uses his extra coin to define the winner.

In case the team members are rather learners than experienced innopreneurs, the team leader may have more than one extra coin to be able to influence the team decision to a larger extent.


Positive Impact of Using Gold Coin Cards

Without coins, it takes much longer for a team leader to select the best idea out of those submitted by 10 team members.Gradually, the team leader gets tired and his/her idea assessment capabilities weaken.

With coins, the best ideas are selected by all team members much better and much faster. The team leader retains freshness of his/her mind and makes better contributions to team decisions.


 Guidelines for Judges and Valuenteers

How to award Gold Coin Cards

Each Judge have a certain amount of gold coins. Valuenteers will have a smaller amount of coins each.

Judges and Valuenteers will invest half of their coins in a solution, a team or a team member during the course of the Games and the remaining half after the Games have been completed.  >>>

Personalized Cards

Each card should bear the name of its distributor for assessment purposes. Usually, at training events, the cards are multi-use ones. People write their names on small Post-It notes that can be removed after the training.

At 1st Innompic Games, a historic world-changing event, the Gold Coin Cards were single-use. Each person wrote his or her name directly on the back side of each of his cards. After the Games, a copy of each named card went to the Innompics museum.



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Value for Overall Assessment

Gold Coin cards awarded by judges to teams and individuals help to identify winners of the Big Gold Medals and other awards.

Emotional Value

Gold Coin award cards help make Innompic contests a great, dynamic and emotionally rich Creation Show and fun >>>


WOW Awards  >>  How To Give a WOW

Weighted Guiding Principles



 1st Innompic Games

Judges used Gold Coin cards to define the Winners of the Innompic Awards




Guidelines for Judges