1st Innompic Games, 17-18 September 2017, Pune, India, Indian logo

Big Challenges addressed by the Innompic teams

Creating the World's Best Innovation City

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Mega-Innovations by the Russian team
for the Big Challenges addressed by the Innompic teams




INNOMPIUS Russian invention World's Best Innovation City, 1st Innompic Games, Russia team, India 2017

1st Innompic Games Big Challenge 2 BEEEP presentation Russian team Ksenia Kotelnikova Maria Kalyanove

1st Innompic Games, Russian team, KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking tools, Ksenia Kotelnikova, Magomed Gamzatov





Best Innovation Team RUSSIA, 1st Innompic Games 2017, India

MOST BRILLIANT IDEAS award, Ksenia Kotelnikova, Russia, 1st Innompic Games 2017

MOST INSPIRING ACTRESS award, Ksenia Kotelnikova, Russia, 1st Innompic Games 2017

Best Innovation Team

Overall performance

Most Brilliant Ideas

Ksenia Kotelnikova

Most Inspiring Actress

Ksenia Kotelnikova




Russian girls innovation team 1st Innompic Games Ksenia Kotelnikova Miss Innovation World selection WOW cardsWorld's best innovation team Russia 1st Innompic Games India Ksenia Kotelnikova, Magomed Gamzatov

Selection of the smartest innovators


What the Members of the Russian Team Loved most about and Learned from the 1st Innompic Games


Ksenia Kotelnikova, Russia, 'Brilliant Ideas' award winner, 1st Innompic Games 2017

"It was thrilling to see so many people ignited by the vision of a brighter future starting to play together with each other, not against each other. It was touching that global issues were raised telling us that we shouldn't forget to take care of our big home while taking innovative steps."... More

"The Innompic Games has become my chance to understand myself better. Every participant was an inspiration for me. Every performance by the teams was telling me, "If you really want to do something, you will find a way to do it." It was an amazing chance to find out that even one person can make a difference in the world!"

~ Masha Kalyanova
Member of the Russian Team & Journalist

Маша Кальянова журналист 1-е Инномпйиские игры, Masha Kalianova, Russia Team. journalist, 1st Innompic Games



Members of the Russia Team read newspaper articles about the 1st Innompic Games




Innompic 'Loving Creator' Gesture forever!


 Russia Best Innovation Team 1st Innompic Games Innompic Gesture Loving Creators


Innompic Gesture airplane Russia Israel Magomed Gamzatov Магомед Гамзатов Israeli girl Meital

Innompic Gesture Russia team car 1st Innompic Games 2017 India

1st Innompic Games gesture Russia Team New Delhi airport, Ksenia Kotelnikova Magomed Gamzatov Maria Kalyanova Diana Puchkova Российская инномпийская команда-чемпион

Flight Moscow-Delhi: Magomed teaches a neighbor Israeli girl Meital

Pune department store: while others are shopping, Russia team is doing a flash mob

Going home: Innompic Gesture with the elephant at the New Delhi Airport