Ksenia Kotelnikova Ксения Котельникова Innompic Games winner junior founder Russia


Innompic Planet of Loving Creators  


Junior Founder of
Innompic Games

Member of the Russian  Innompic Team at the
1st Innompic Games 2017

Award Winner
"Brilliant Ideas"
"Best Actress"

Ksenia Kotelnikova

Message to the World

"Always do your best − wonderful rewards will follow!"


e-mail aksurved@mail.ru     


Ksenia Kotelnikova, Russia, Innompic Gesture, Most Brilliant Ideas award winner, Innompic Games organizer

Ksenia's contribution to Innompic Games

Helps to beta test various Innompic contests and design some Innompic brand attributes and awards

Participated in recording the Innompic anthem 'I Have a Difference To Make!' as a singer

Ksenia  Kotelnikova participated in the 1st Innompic Games 2017 as a member of Russia team. She won the "Most Brilliant Ideas" and "Most Inspiring Actress" awards.

After the Games, Ksenia created the '1st Innompic Games' group at Facebook to facilitate communication among the participants of this historic World-changing event. Afterwards, Ksenia devoted herself to organizational aspects of Innompic Games. She helps develop various Innompic processes and forms and works as a moderator and a hostess at Innompic Games and Innompic trainings.






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Work Experience

Medical doctor: worked at the European Medical Center

Development project team member: worked on various international projects

Freelancer: Internet marketing; translation

Forex trader

Emfographics Actor

A model for Innompic e-coaching slides and photograms




1st Innompic Games 2017

Member of the Russian Team, winner of the 'Best Innovation Team' Award



 Kotelnikova Ksenia Ксения Котельникова award winner World 1st Innompic Games 2017 India