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towards turning the Earth to
the Planet of Loving Creators

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17-18 September 2017, Bhau Institute, COEP Pune, India

Executive Summary

Rajendra Jagdale Vadim Kotelnikov Masha Kalyanova Othman Ismail Tenzin Vladimir Fesenko Organizers Organizers International Team Magomed Gamzatov Russia Team Nurdyanah Sulaiman Ksenia Kotelnikova Farah Izzati Rahul More Malaysia team India team Vinayak Sharma All Participants of the 1st Innompic Games 2017, Pune, India, Bhau Institute


Civilizational Breakthrough

1st Innompic Games is not a 'Blue Ocean',
it is a 'BLUE PLANET' strategic event!


To break the ice and
boost enthusiasm globally!


Opened eyes, raised hopes,
innovation inspired worldwide!





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Mass Media about the !st Innompic Games 2017, Puna, India

1st Innompic Games, Hindustan Times newspaper article, Youth come together to help make a better world1st Innompic Games, newspaper artcile, Hindustan Times, India

Vadim Kotelninkov, Founder, Innompic Games interview: 'The Games are an accelerated way of learning', Hindustan Tines, India



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Innompic Teams


Innompic Teams 

   Mass media about Innompic Games  "Youths come together to help make a better world"  >>>



Coordinated globally by: Innompics World

Organized by: STP Pune and ISBA


Vadim Kotelnikov 1st Innompic Games Founder Global Coordinator

"The vision of Innompic Games is the Planet of Loving Creators. There are no losers in Innompic Games – everyone wins. It is an accelerated learning platform. Innompics help people grow as Loving Creators, celebrate cross-cultural unity, unlock creative potential of all participants joyfully and encourage them towards innovation!"  >>>

"Innompics is for the people who have the vision to change the world for the better. Innovations have a huge potential to change day-to-day-life of human beings. Innompic Games is a constructive competition. All participants build a better world together."

~ Rajendra Jagdale, India
Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Rajendra Jagdale, 1st Innompic Games Pune India 2017 Opening Ceremony






"The brightest minds of the world strived hard to provide the best solutions for
Big Challenges."  >>>

The Global Innompic Organising Committee, Innompics World, Science and Technology Park (STP) Pune, Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks and Business Incubators Association (ISBA) and College Of Engineering, Pune (CoEP), have jointly organised the first ever Innompic Games in Pune at CoEP’s BHAU Institute of Innovation Entrepreneurship and Leadership.