Best Russian innovators, award-winning Russia Moscow Innomoic Team World Innompic Games 2019

Best Russian innovators Russian Moscow team gold medals awards World Innompic Games 2019

Russia Moscow team
won the 'Best First Impression' award at the 3rd World Innompic Games 2019 held at KIET, India

Below is the script of their show

You are great, and we are great!
Jointly, we'll accelerate
Innovation, joy and growth −
This is our noble cause!

Let's invent, create, design,
Build the future − yours and mine!
Life may often treat us tough,
But we'll win by sharing love.

We are all ... for every sake...






Russia Moscow Team

has also won these Awards at the 3rd World Innompic Games 2019

Innompic Games Awards

Team Awards


Design Thinking

Individual Awards

Miss Innovation World




Ksenia Kotelnikova, eye, Ксюша Котельникова, хитрый глаз

It was thrilling, touching and moving to address creative challenges innovatively in a friendly and joyful Innompic environment!

Kseniya Kotelnikova




World Innompic Games 2020 IG online

At virtual World Innompic Games 2020, Russia Innompirsity team put up by the virtual Innompic University (Innompirsity), with Kseniya Kotelnikova as the team leader, won the First Impression contest.




Russia Innompirsity Innompic Team 2020

First Impression' 30-second video



First Impression 30-second video
Dennis Kotelnikov

winner of the 'Mister First Impression World 2020' award





First Impressionism

Tremendous and enthusiastic First-Impression performance by all Innompians at World Innompic Games in 2019 and 2020 inspired creation of FIRST IMPRESSIONISM as a vital new art that helps people achieve much more both in life and business.