Why Mass Media love to talk about Innompic Games

Russia World's Best Innovation Team, newspaper artcile, 1st Innompic Games, India

Innompic Games (IG) is a civilizational breakthrough.

IG are World's #1 Love Games that turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.

IG is a global trend setter and the World #1 in various areas. IG pioneered many exciting things including Creation Show, Spoken Innovation, Learning 20-60-20, and sMusical-Inn.




3rd World Innompic Games 2019





1st Innompic Games, Hindustan Times newspaper article, Youth come together to help make a better worldMass Media about the !st Innompic Games 2017, Puna, India1st Innompic Games, newspaper artcile, Hindustan Times, India



Planet of Loving Creators Innompic Games IG Way1st World Innompic Games 20173rd World Innompic Games 2019, KIET, Ghaziabad, India


First innovation Olympics

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Youths come together to help make a better world

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Big wins for Russians, international students' team

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International students of Symbiosis shine at Innompics 2017

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Russian & Intl Teams Bag the first ‘Innompic Games’ title



Learn! Create! Prosper!

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IG 2019: Video for Award Giving Ceremony



News about IG 2019

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KIET Group of Institutions organized the 3rd World Ennomopic Games 2019 in Ghaziabad



Russian Team Lead by MAI Student Won Innompic Games

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