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Russian & International Teams Bag the first ‘Innompic Games’ title

-I ndian team declared as best in anticipation, creative marketing, and problem-solving skills
– Next Innompic Games to be organised in Malaysia

 September 19, 2017



The brightest minds of the world strived hard to provide the best solutions for Big Challenges.

Best Innovation Team RUSSIA, 1st Innompic Games 2017, India

In the first ever global technology event, Russian & International teams bagged Best & Great Team Titles respectively, whereas Indian Team won three Prizes at ‘Innompic Games 2017’ organised in Pune.

The Global Innompic Organizing Committee, Science & Technology Park (STP) Pune, Indian Science & Technology Entrepreneurs Parks and Business Incubators’ Association (ISBA) and College of Engineering- Pune’s (COEP) Bhau Institute Of Innovation Entrepreneurship & Leadership, organized a two-day program where teams from India, Malaysia, Russia and International participated.

1st Innompic Games 2017 Pune India team singing


The grand finale & award ceremony of the competition was held on Monday at COEP. Dr. Vadim Kotelnikov, founder and global coordinator of Innompic Games, Dr. Rajendra Jagdale, Director General & CEO Of Science & Technology Park (STP) & Chairman of First Innompic Games, Mr. Prataprao Pawar, Vice President, STP, , Christopher Benninger, veteran Architect, Pramod Kamble, renowned artist-sculptor, Dr. Michael Zelin, Automobile Expert, USA, Mr. Bahtiar Bin Kasbi, General Manager, Teknoputra Division University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia were present as the dignitaries of the event.

Russian team wins the Best Innompic Team award, whereas Great Innompic Team award was honored to the International team.

1st Innompic Games 2017 awards, Symbiosis International Students' Team

Malaysia team was declared as the best in "Intellectual Teamwork".  >>>

Ksenia Kotelnikova from the Russian team won the "Brilliant Ideas" and the "Most Inspiring Actress" awards.

Karthik Raj from India won the Most Wittiest Award, also Satyajit Mittal from Indian team won Best Innovator award.

Tenzin Rabgay took Mr. World Innovation award, Farah Izzati Binti Ahmed Othman from Malaysia won the Miss World Innovation award.

The jury which evaluated the presentation includes Dr. Vadim Kotelnikov, Vladimir Fesenko, Nikita Fedichkin, Sergei Ruchiev, Michael Zelin, Othman Ismail, Ahmad Makarimi Bin Abdullah, Rahul More, Vivek Atre & Mahesh Kudtarkar. Prizes were given to the exceptional performers in the form of Gold Medals and a specially designed trophy.

Mr. Jagdale said that each team has fantastically worked and contributed for solving the challenges Also He said that this is end of one competition, but start of a millennium.

Mr. Kotelnikov said the world is driven by technology, and Innompic is a game for mind. He added The Planet of Loving Creators is the vision of Innompic Games; Love what you do and if you do so then you become unstoppable creator.

Prataprao Pawar commented, For making changes one has to take lead, and no other than youngsters can do that.

The grand finale session was followed by a sculpture, live painting ‘Jugal Bandi’ session.

1st Innompic Games closing ceremony sculpture Vadim Kotelnikov selfie






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