In light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot deny the significant toll it has taken upon our economy. It has caused multiple corporations to shut down, numerous companies to further downsize and most devastatingly, hundreds of thousands to resign.

Many individuals, notably youngsters, have decided to take a different alternative to bring food to the table, that is by becoming an entrepreneur. Can you imagine being young, clueless and uncertain of how to start your business? This is where our metaphorical model comes to save the day! Our metaphorical model aims to assist newbie entrepreneurs in kicking off their entrepreneurship journey.


The tip of the ice cream is at the bottom and the smallest part of the ice cream. This indicate that every entrepreneur will start at the bottom. As Entrepreneur, you have to take the first step. In the first step include making a market research of what is trending or as simple as having a product.


Every layer comprises of 3 aspects which are product, branding, promotion. As the layer goes up, the entrepreneur's efforts to improve their business increases. 

Ice Cream Metaphoric Model of Entreprneeurial Success by KPMSI, Malaysia, IG 2020

Product. Own a product by buying bulk of preferred product from factory or supplier. Introduce various products which will expand your experience on the differences. Learn and experiment with the products that will have a great chance of growing into a huge business. Build a following that will help you widen your view towards a product and customers. Find the audience you want to target. The knowledge and experiences you have gained will be helpful for you to produce your own product.

Branding. As we know, the tip of the ice cream cone starts from the tip and will widen upwards when we arrive, this is the same as branding. As the first layer, new entrepreneurs can hire the influencers to promote their product or they also can promote it through our account media social. When the sales increase and get response we can add another platform like FB ads and IG ads to attract more people to buy our product. The more sales we can get the more we invest in branding.

Promotion. The cone got wider when you reach the top and the reason for that is promoting. Being an entrepreneur means that expanding your business to build awareness of your product or service. It has to start with word of mouth among your family or friends to build promoting momentum. As it spread, then you start with giving out sample or free service which is to convince or attract people and to get feedback. As the momentum build up, then start with a huge promoting which is through billboard, banner and social media.

Ice Cream & Topping

As the cone have become wide enough for a scoop of ice cream this will represent how your hard work pay off. Increase in sales revenue by month, add one scoop of ice cream. Increase loyal or regular customer, add one scoop of ice cream. Sold out sales, add one scoop of ice cream and that is when you can taste the sweet victory. The topping will be an innovative idea to add on each layer of ice cream, the idea here is that the ice cream will be added repeatedly and it represent how that sweet victory will encourage the entrepreneur to eye for more success and work harder for another scoop of ice cream.



Real-Life Example: a Small Enterprise


This is a business that is run by one of our group member's family. It is a small and still growing business. Even though it's a small business, it is quite famous among the local, Kuala Kangsar, which is also one of the tourism place in Malaysia.

They start off with market research to find out what was the demand around the local area just like the tip of the ice cream cone. After they collect enough data from Taiping State Office, they illustrate the Business Model by taking accountable on marketing, production, managing human resource and many more.

Product, branding and promotion are apply following the ice cream model. They put up a banner to attract people and increase sales. After a while, they got they own branding which is LAKSA PAKCU BIN LAKSA PAKNGAH.

Ice Cream business model, small company, Malaysia

Now, they have a lot of follower on their social media and regular customer which is the same as the topping of the ice cream which indicate the increase of regular and loyal customer. The innovation that they have introduced include a way of packaging for easy and safe delivery and distribution of the product in different areas. especially during the pandemic. The company managed also to increase sales by selling online. As for now, they already have 3 branches in Kuala Kangsar, Perak and 1 branch in Kuala Lumpur. They also create job opportunities to single moms and help them to build a better community life.







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Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mohd. Safrizalid, Malaysia, KPMSI

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Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mohd. Safrizalid

Siti Nurkamaliah Munirah Bt Abdul Malek

Ahmad Azhad Firas Bin Ahmad Azmid

Nur Izzati Binti Sharizalid

Muhamad Shahir Bin Mohamad Shah Nazir