Kite symbolises an entrepreneurial dream turned to reality!




Getting a kite flying at a great height is similar to turning an inspiring entrepreneurial vision to reality.

Navigating a kite from its launch through a high flight is similar to managing an entrepreneurial firm through various growth stages.




Inspiring Vision

High-flying colorful Kite sybmolises a great entrepreneurial vision that performs twin functions − it ① inspires and ② show the direction.



A noble daring vision of Innompic Games is to turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators − people who love what they do and love all other people and the mother Earth.

Feedback polls show that what many Innompians like most about Innompic Games is being a part of this noble and inspiring vision. This great vision makes Innompic Games the biggest global startup that grows quickly and happily.

Innompic Planet of Loving CReators Dare to love, pursue your dream, make a difference 1st Innompic Games participants



Flying High

To fly high and be admired by the audience, an entrepreneurial firm must inspire outstanding entrepreneurial creativity of its strategically aligned people.

It takes an inspirational leader and an inspiring corporate culture to enthuse all team members and to motivate them to keep creating amazing value innovations relentlessly.




Staying Connected to the Roots

The line is to navigate the wind and to keep the kite flying high.

For an entrepreneurial firm, the line symbolises two things:

① Strategic alignment of all innovations and

② Staying connected to down-to-earth entrepreneurial essentials, such as shared values, customer empathy, customer needs, needs of employees, business design, revenue model, cash flow, and balance sheets.




Risk Management

Many entrepreneurial firms fail for various reasons. Similarly, launching a kite can be dangerous, especially if you're a beginner or even an intermediate rider, and in stormy winds.

These advices for kite-launchers, treated as metaphors, will help first-time entrepreneurs avoid many dangers too. Remember this:

→ Check the weather forecast;

→ Check the presence of obstacles, power lines, etc. in the surrounding area;

→ Never self-launch if you're upwind of the kite;

→ Know how to pull the safety release;

→ Don't grab the lines − you may lose your fingers.




Navigating the Wind

For an entrepreneurial firm, the wind comes in a variety of forms: changing customer needs, new technologies, emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. All these external changes require entrepreneurs to adapt their strategies and tactics accordingly and in a timely manner.

Example: Innompic Games 2020

The pandemic forced entrepreneurial leaders of Innompic Games to cancel on-site World IG 2020 and invent and organise the first on-line World IG 2020 instead. Many new contests and processes were invented. The geography of IG participants has also expanded. Development of future hybrid onsite-online Innompic Games was thus fastened thanks to this entrepreneurial response to an unexpected external big challenge.

World Innompic Games 2020 IG online

Idea-rich contestants in body-less Games






Aim high, fly high

Stay connected to the ground, to your roots, or else you are lost

Take noble risks, avoid stupid risks

Navigate the wind in a most beneficial way







IG 2020 international jury marked this Metaphoric Model of Entrepreneurial Success

out of 10

  Award Certificate: Metaphoric Model of Entrepreneurial Success: Kite, Kseniya  Kotelnikova, Russiar