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Tell a Story

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How to Sell Innovation: TELL a STORY, motivating messages, marketing advice, Vadim Kotelnikov

Know Your Audience

Only about 1% of people are enthusiasts who are eagerly interested in what is coming next. Most people are those whose thoughts and bonuses are tied to short-term results. Think through their concerns and offer a portfolio of both longer-term high-risk-high-value solutions and quick wins.

Some Keys to Successful Storytelling

  • Create a sense of urgency. Start with something like, “Disrupt or be disrupted”.

  • Synergize benefits for targeted users and the business. Weave these two threads together in a way that excites, educates and demonstrates a great opportunity.

  • Keep your presentations simple – a too complicated product description will not capture imagination of your prospective customers. Use a familiar language and human-centric approach to reframe their perspectives of the market.

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Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Leadership is about creating powerful human currents moving enthusiastically in the desired direction.

Vadim Kotelnikov



Example: Innompic Games

A short story “Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION” helped to sell this civilizational breakthrough to the target audience worldwide. The story describes how Innompic Games provide breakthrough solutions to 7 major global challenges.  >>>



Example: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, transformed product launches into an art form by following his three simple presentation principles “Ignite, Involve, and Entertain” he used to create a deliver a narrative story. Steve Jobs describe a problem people experience with the current product choices to allow the audience to see Apple as a hero and a new Apple’s product as a great solution to their problem... More

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