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Accelerated Learning for Innovators Brighter Future Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games Innoball Loving Creators Blitz Contests Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION Creation Show Helping People Grow Global Innovation Accelerator Empower Yourself to Change the World Dream Big Dreams MAD song How To Create a Better Future for Yourself and Others: INNOMPIC GAMES help loving creaters grow and innovate

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Growing Global Changemakers

Both participants and spectators of Innompic Games gain advanced ideas, knowledge and skills that help them have a broader vision of life, become loving creators and greater citizens of the world.

They apply much higher levels of creativity and intelligence to their personal and global worlds, create a better world and a brighter future for its citizens.

Creating a Brighter Future

Innompic Games create a great positive impact globally. Innompics help all people around the World awaken their inner genius, become Loving Creators, learn, grow and create a brighter future for others and for themselves >>>

Held annually, enhanced by a permanent e-xposition, all-inclusive Innompics Games:

Solving Global Problems

Additionally, every year, Innompic Games will:

  • help ease several pressing global problems, and

  • serve as an international business incubator for projects aimed at solving global problems and creating a brighter future for all people around the globe.




EKICHAWO ‒ Empowered KIds CHAnge the WOrld

EKICHAWO videos are an important part of the Innompic SOLUTION  to global challenges and the Innompic global ecosystem... More




Helping People Grow Helping people become Loving Creators Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games Be a Loving Creator Love Your Customers Follow Your True Passion Innovation is Love Helping all people create a brigther future Loving Creators, Innompic Games, nurtuting innovators, global innovation accelerator, Vadim Kotelnikov

Vadim Kotelnikov: Give innovative entrepreneurs INNOMPIC GAMES, and you'll feed all of them for centuries ahead.

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