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Invent a New Product and/or Service






Challenging Problems to be solved      e-Coach


Innompic Games contest: Invent a New Product


Provided by Organizers

Selection by Teams

10 challenging problems to be solved

Choose any one

6 desired consumer values

May remove up to 3, if any

6 desired product attributes / features

May remove up to 3, if any


  The product invented by the team
will be used in further Innompic contests:

Product Vision   → Name   → Slogan   → Guiding Principles   → Story



Resources  >>  Stock of Inventions

If a team fails to invent a new product, it may pick any invention
from the Innompic stock of inventions and participate in further contests.

Optionally, a team may use its own invention prepared in advance,
subject to approval by the judges.



Step 1: "The Challenge feels like..."


Innovation Project: How To Achieve Strategic Business Success - 4 Perspective

A likeness should not be an exact analogy. It is rather a feeling that helps to understand the challenge better and acts as a trigger for inventive thinking and creative problem solving in order to achieve strategic business success.

Example: Challenges faced by the 1st Innompic Games

❶  Visionary Strategist

It is like jumping over a huge chasm of disbelief and indifference into a new world of  unlimited opportunities and joyful growth.

❷  Creative Entrepreneur

It is like creating and beta-testing a Wonderland!

❸  Functional Expert

It is like assembling something huge never seen before from innovative parts that have never worked together before.

❹  Marketing and Selling Expert

It is like selling a car to people the most advanced vehicle they saw before was a bicycle.




Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools

Innompic e-Coach for disruptive innopreneurs helps invent a new product using inventive thinking and advanced ideation techniques

Using Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools is not a must, but innovators may wish to use  them to streamline the thinking process and product presentation.

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