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Innoball - Innovation Brainball, Innovation Football game

Strengthening a breakthrough venture: Innompic Games

Innompic Torch Web-Relay


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Innoball: Exceeding Initially Desired Results

Innoball turned a simple torch relay
to a smartness contest and high-value show with lasting impact

Innompic Torch Web-Relay
was transformed and renamed to
Relay of Innompic Messages to the World



From To

Benefits for active spectators:  low-value, short-term  >>  high value, long term

Benefits for the World: none  >>  more love, more inspiration

Benefits for assessors:  none  >>  experience, skill assessment

Benefits for Innompic Games: low  >>  high



Initial Objective:

Pre-Games 'push-fast' fun exercise for Internet spectators (to engage and warm the internet audience up)

To create some buzz


Higher intellectual value (smartness contests, messages to the World)

Creating greater value for and engaging more Internet spectators

Making Innompic Games a greater Creation Show

Creating bigger and lasting buzz

Making the World better through "Message to the World" contests and exhibitions

Assessment of assessors' assessment skills



Innompics: Participation Opportunities for Actators - Active Spectators About Innompics Kore 10 advices to aspiring innompreneurs Dennis Kotelnikov I Have a Difference to Make! Emfographics Innompic Torch Relay Innompics - Innompic Web Games - Partiicipation Opportunities for Actators - Active Spectators


Publish the message to the World that will be displayed to the global audience to 3 hours and be a part of the Innompic Games history.

The authors of the best messages to the World will be rewarded



Solve a puzzle:

Click on the pictures displayed in the order that will form a message from the list (multiligual)



Click first >> low value, too primitive for intellectual games - smart people are not attracted, broken PCs

Be the first to answer the questions  >>  Non-English speaking people are disadvantaged

Be the first to solve an image-based puzzle (a quote in several languages is displayed first for 1 minute, than images appear - they need to be clicked on in the order to form the sentence displayed)  >> 


very low value to the World

>> The winner can publish his message to the World that will be displayed for 3 hours and assessed by both judges and voluenteers. The best messages will be celebrated.  >> 


Many people will be disadvantaged because due to time difference
>> The contest time will shift every our for 1 hour. The message of the winner will be published 24 hours later.


It's difficult to create a meaningful message to the World within a short time frame, especially for non-English speaking people.

>> The message to the World can be a text, or an image, or both (see examples: VK messages: "Stop learning...", "Creators", "Love the World"). Actators will be asked to prepare their message in advance.


Some messages might be bad intended

>> All the published messages will need to be preapproved by the Judges.


People who created their messages to the World but haven't won the opportunity to publish them will be disappointed.

>>  All authors will be asked to send their messages to Innompics secretariat before the Innompic Torch Web-Relay is over and indicate the topic addressed by the message.


Topic-wise Exhibitions of "Messages to the World


World, Friendship, Partnership




Learning, Knowledge, Creativity

Value Creation, Achievement



Leadership & Teamwork

Funny Wisdom

  • All the messages to the World (that pass the decency check by voluenteers and pre-evaluated by them) will be published in the Innompics chapter of the 1world1way website. 

  • An annual exhibition of 100 Best Messages to the World (selected by Innompic judges) will be published after every Innompic Games.

  • The exhibition of 100 Best-Ever Messages to the World will be published at the Innompic Games and updated site every year.

The contest may not enthuse enough wise and creative authors to make the 1st Innompic Torch Web-Relay an interesting show
>>  The 1st Exposition of Innompic Messages to the World during the Innompic Torch Web-Relay will be prepared in advance by pre-selected authors. Competition-based 2nd Innompic Torch Web-relay will be announced.


celebrate the driving forces of the modern World and stretch them

allow spectators not just watch others shine, but also participate in various entrepreneurial creativity contests and shine globally

provide advanced learning opportunities for those who want to create something new, especially radically new

are more fun to watch and participate



Innoball, an entrepreneurial simulation game, powered by Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10KITT)

helps to strengthen a breakthrough venture and its team sharply  ‒ within few hours!


Making Innompic Torch Relay a Great and Rewarding Show

Brood Kore 10 innovative thinking tool

Insufficient value

Pre-Games Innompic Torch Web-Relay "push-first" contest for active Internet spectators has nothing to do with smartness and doesn't attract smart people.





Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tool: Balloon

Higher value

Turning the contest into a noble intellectual visual puzzle.

Too easy catch

It’s still a “push-first" contest – an instant wild guess has a good chance to win





Making adjustments

Adding redundant images that need to be ticked too.

Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools: TROPHY

Insufficient reward

Just publishing a photo for a while is too little reward for an intellectual to make the contest a huge success.





Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools: Headset

Conveying a message

The Torch bearer can publish a brief Message to the World

Brood Kore 10 innovative thinking tool

Poor quality

Quickly prepared Messages to the World are of very low quality.




Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tools: Knife


Contestants are advised to prepare and sharpen their Message to the World in advance.

Brood Kore 10 innovative thinking tool

Wasted efforts

Too many great Messages of are wasted because few people only bear the Torch




Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tool: Flashlight

Showing the way

Contestants are advised to prepare their Message to the World in advance.

Poor catch

Very few people are motivated to contribute their Messages tot the World.




Kore 10 Innovative Thinking Tool: Flashlight

Showing the way

Creating a gallery of sample Messages + Innossadors will lead by example at the 1st Innompics

Brood Kore 10 innovative thinking tool

Wasted resources



Summary of the Improvements Made thanks to the Innoball Game