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Costas Konis

Costas Konis  

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Developing and exploiting the intellectual capital of our planet for the benefit of people, businesses and society should be major world priority. Innompics is a great idea that can play a key role in this direction.



Dr. Costas Y. Konis is a Founder and CEO of Innovage Consulting

Costas has an endless passion for creativity and innovation expressed actively for more than 25 years. Trained by the father of Creativity and Lateral Thinking himself, Dr Edward de Bono, he contacted creativity workshops for hundreds of people in companies and organisations of all nature.

His unique educational and professional background and expertise combined with his creativity and innovation knowledge enables him to offer valuable advise and support to organisations seeking to compete successfully in the new digital age.

Costas is a presenter and frequent author of articles and in his area of expertise and relates and collaborates with several Universities.

Costas served as the Manager of the EU funded Cyprus Innovation Relay Center and as a Judge in the biggest MBA Innovation Competition of the world organised by Thunderbird School of Global Management in USA.

Specialties :

strategy development, innovative business growth, innovative solutions to problems of businesses and organisations, idea development for new products and services, creativity and innovation workshops, executive training and development.