Innompic Games

1st Innompics



Invitation Letters to Prospective Partners

Drafted by Ivan Zhankov






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Business Leader



Dear .,

The first annual Innompic Games will be kicked off in 2017. The games are designed to pave the way for the next wave of young entrepreneurs around the world to showcase their talents and attain opportunities to bring their innovation to life.

The mission of the Innompic Games is to establish an entrepreneurial creativity contest and learning platform for both the participating teams and spectators. This will be used as a spring board, inspiring and opening doors for under developed regions of the world.

The initial launch of the games will be composed of 4 teams. They will compete live for a chance to turn their innovative ideas into real businesses by attaining sponsorships and prize money. Furthermore, they will be tasked invent a new solution and to develop an entire business game plan and a creative marketing campaign for a given business challenge.

The winner of the Games will be one that proves to demonstrate the highest level of creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and strategizing.

In order for the Innompic Games to be successful, we need the support and endorsement of the most established entrepreneurs from around the globe. We ask that you review the details of the Innompic Games and provide your thoughts and opinion. We will treat your opinion with the upmost importance, as it will influence the development of this contest.

Thank you in advance.

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