1st Innompic Games, 17-18 September 2017, Pune, India, Indian logo

The First Step

towards turning the Earth to
the Planet of Loving Creators


Creation Show

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Innompic Show Team is an important part of Innompic Games as a great and most-useful Creation Show.

Both Innovation Gurus and Performing Artists are inspirational educators who help spectators to gain new insights and boost their entrepreneurial creativity.

Joint creative activities by participants are also great fun. They strengthen cross-cultural unity as well.





Vadim Kotelnikov, Ksenia Kotelnikova song I Have a Difference To Make! 1st Innompic Games 2017 India




The Innompic song  inspired all the participants to demonstrated their singing, dancing and acting talents 




Team members sing national songs




1st Innompic Games 2017 Pune India team singing


'Wittiest Innovator' Karthik Raj
 and India team sing an Indian song