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Great Benefits for ALl Global Impact Benefits for Teams Benefits for Spectators Innoball: Creating a Civilizational Breakthrough About Innompics Innompic Games is the Solution Create a Brighter Future Become a Loving Creator Innompics Benefits for Participants, Spectators, CountriesInnoball - Innovation Brainball - how to succeed in radical innovaton


Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION

The are business incubators here and there, but modern globalized economy needs also a global all-inclusive innovation accelerator.

Innompic Games is the solution!... More



A to Z of Innovation

Invention contests are about mastering the letter "A" of innovation.

Innompic contests are about mastering the entire alphabet.  >>>

Accelerated Learning by Innovators

Both participants and spectators generate and acquire advanced knowledge. Innompic Games teach how to invent and turn an invention to a successful venture... More

All-inclusive Creation Show

Being THE MOST USEFUL SHOW, Innompic Games is not a talk show, it is a creation show! Creation is our divine mission, talk is a byproduct ‒ to be talked about, you must create something truly remarkable first.

Innompic Games help spectators become intellectual athletes by learning from others and participating in various web-based contests.

Turning People to Loving Creators

Innovation is about love: love what you do and love your consumers.

Innompic Games help all people around the World awaken their inner genius, become Loving Creators, learn, grow and create a brighter future for others and for themselves.... More

Nurturing Love for Customers

Olympic Games are beyond politics. Innompic Games are not just beyond politics, Innompis are above politics. Innovation is about Love, and Love is above everything.

Innompic Games boost passionate creation of innovative value for beloved consumers >>>

Helping People Grow

Traditional social networks are primarily horizontal ‒ they help people socialize. Innompic Games are primarily vertical ‒ they help people grow... More



Engaging Kids

Innmpic Games help kids develop a value-creation mindset and entrepreneurial creativity skills. Kids are engaged in the Creation Show, contests and special projects like EKICHAWO ‒  Empowered KIds CHAnge the WOrld.... More