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Business Model

of a High-Growth Startup / Radical Innovation Project






Holistic Business Design

Metaphoric business models such as Tree, Kite, Musical, Football, Wood Screw, and Pisa Tower, inspire and facilitate holistic entrepreneurial creativity and help design harmonious real-life business models.


Business Design


Metaphoric Models of Entrepreneurial Success







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How to develop

Great Business Model for a Radical Innovation Project

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2 Kore Concepts





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Love for customers is the springhead of the cascade of innovations and the river of revenues>>>

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Diverse challenges and dealing with them are
chaotic and unplanned sub-processes of a radical innovation project
where every step forward is a step into a terra incognita.




Exceed your initially desired results


Business Model for a Radical Innovation Project

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Innoball helps you identify your enemies, think for them, anticipate their attacks, come up with creative solutions and, ultimately, conquer the enemies on your way to a desired outcome, and

 achieve much more than your dreamed of.

The beauty is that the business model of a radical project emerges reinvented, diversified and stronger from every such encounter with an enemy.