1st Innompic Games, 17-18 September 2017, Pune, India, Indian logo


Opened eyes, raised hopes,
innovation inspired worldwide!


Feedback from Participants

What the Participants Learned


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Othman Ismail Innompic Games Innompics Malaysia Chairman Coordinator

"So many good things we have learned! We learned how to organize the Games and how to assess capabilities of innovation teams. We invented innovative approaches to continuous improvement that we're going to implement while preparing for 2nd Innompic Games 2018 to be held in Malaysia."

"Innompic Games is also a great critical thinking and learning program. We saw other teams' perspective on innovation. I was really amazed at the presentations made by the Russian team during the Games. I learned from the Indian and International teams how to make an extraordinary creation show. They're really nailed it, and it's so fantastic!"

Nurdiyanah Sulaiman, Malaysia, funny Innompic Gesture, 1st Innompic Games 2017, India


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"Innompic Games aim to unlock the potential of people and encourage them towards innovation and helping people globally. These are not merely Games, but can be looked at as an accelerated way of learning."  >>>